Traveling by Car

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What's Your Dream Car???!!

C.O. asks from Washington DC

There were a couple of questions about dream locations and some about cars today - got me to thinking.... what is your dream car - if money was not an object - and...


Car Seat???

M.N. asks from Chicago

Hi Everyone:) My daughter will be 8 months in 3 days...ok time goes incredibly fast!! Well, she is over 20lbs and I am confused about what we need to do about her c...


Selling a Car

N.F. asks from Seattle

Does your car have to be registered before you sell it? I've been looking for an answer and can't find any clear answers online (through Google and DMV site). Our reg...


Car Seat

L.T. asks from Dallas

I am needing to buy a extra car seat for my 6 1/2 month old. It will be used by my mom and husband rarely. What is a good, fairly cheap, seat? Greatest amount of s...


Car Seat

N.M. asks from Omaha

My daughter is getting close to out growing her infant carrier. I was wondering what brand/style of car seat to get next. I am not wanting to spend a lot of money b...


Car Safety

T.F. asks from Oklahoma City

Does anyone know how old a child has to be to sit in the front seat of a car? I have heard different things. I know some states want them in boosters until they are 8...


Long Car Ride

M.H. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone, I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old and we will be driving for 8+ hrs to TN from IL, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on Kids books on CD's...


Car Seat

H.A. asks from Chicago

My lil girl turned 3 in February. She has met the 30 lb marker according to the car seat where we can use the car seatbelt. i have noticed the seat completely moves ...


Is Itlegal to Ride a Scooter with a Preschooler?

E.V. asks from Phoenix

is it legal to ride a scooter with a preschooler?on due to his delayed speech. This school, is 40 minutes away from our apartment.(with bus). If he is qualified, he w...


Britax Car Seat? Car Seat for Air Travel?

L.B. asks from Fort Wayne

Hi ladies, we are in the process of looking for a new car seat for one of our cars. I read a request and lots of responses a couple days ago about reviews of converti...