Traveling by Car

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Long Car Ride

J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

Does anyone have any ideas and tips on how to keep my 2 year old entertained for an 8 hour car ride. I plan to do a few stops because I also have an 8 month old that ...


Baby Hates to Ride in the Car.

M.S. asks from Spokane

I have a 7 week old boy that hates to ride in the car. All he does is cry and scream. I have tried everything, putting him in right after he eats, so that maybe he wi...


Games for Car Ride

A.A. asks from Minneapolis

Hello fellow moms! We are about to take our 4 kids (ages 4-12) in a VERY long car ride (5 hours). 3.5 has been their max. I am looking for some car games to play. ...


Car Seat Alternative for Plane Ride and Car Travel While There?

M.B. asks from Milwaukee

Hi helpful mamas! I have a question... my daughter and I are going on a plane trip in three days and I was wondering if there are any alternatives to her booster car...


Car Seat for Airplane Travel

L.P. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 11 months old and we are looking for another convertible car seat for my husbands car (we have a Cosco Alpha Omega Elite as our primary for my car), bu...


Car Seat Travel Bag

S.D. asks from San Diego

I am going to be flying with my 3 yr old and 17 month old in October by myself. I intend to either check their car seats at check-in or gate check them. I'm concern...


Traveling with an Infant? by Plane and Long Car Ride

M.S. asks from Miami

Hi ladies! Do you have any advice for traveling with an infant? We're supposed to attend a wedding at the end of September in NJ. (2 hour plane ride) My son w...


Baby Cries Hard When on a Car Ride at Nighttime

M.R. asks from Honolulu

My 7 mth old cries really hard when he's in the car at night. He will cry the whole trip to wherever, be it a 5 min ride or 1/2 hr ride. He does fine in early am when...


18 Hr Car Ride with a 6.5 Month

T.P. asks from Phoenix

We are traveling from Phx, Az to Idaho Falls, ID Its normally about 18 hours the whole way but we stay the night over in Salt Lake UT Leaving us a 15 hour ride one da...


Baby Cries During Car Ride

A.S. asks from San Francisco

I have a 3 month old son who cries every time he is in the car. I have tried putting toys that hang down from his car seat and I have put a mirror for him to see hi...