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Car Sickness

C.M. asks from Detroit

My two year old daughter gets car sick whenever we go out. I have used Dramamine and given it to her an hour before we leave. Also have done frequent stops to try and...


Britax Car Seat? Car Seat for Air Travel?

L.B. asks from Fort Wayne

Hi ladies, we are in the process of looking for a new car seat for one of our cars. I read a request and lots of responses a couple days ago about reviews of converti...


Shopping with Car Seat

M.C. asks from Detroit

I am a new mom who has the Chicco travel system. My question is that when I need to take my son with the car seat on to a shopping cart and into a store, this car sea...


Need to Purchase a New Car seat...what Do You Suggest?

S.K. asks from Rockford

My baby, Emma, is no longer a baby and we are getting ready to make the transition from infant carrier to "big girl" car seat. I'm overwhelmed with all the choices an...


Recommend a Booster Seat and Car Seat Question

A.C. asks from Detroit

I have two questions... Has anyone used the Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 car/booster seat? Are there any other 3 in 1 seats (from 5 point to high back to backless booster...


Suggestions for Travel with a 2 1/2 Year Old

N.W. asks from Detroit

We are going to Disney World in October. My son is 2 1/2 and is a good traveler in the car. I have lots of new and exciting activities to bring and a DVD player. A...


I Need Advice on the Best Tricycle or Riding Toy to Buy.

E.W. asks from Dayton

My daughters trike broke earlier today and I can't seem to fix it. My husband and I decided to buy her a new one. I was curious if any other moms out there have recen...


Financial Advise, Pre School, and Potty Training, Jobs, I Need Advise on LIFE!!

J.G. asks from Chicago

I am going nuts. Ever since my son was about 2 months old I've stayed at home with the kids because it's been too expensive for daycare. I watched one boy for about ...


Ever Pack a Cooler with Dry Ice?

S.Y. asks from Chicago

How did handle the dry ice, pack the cooler and did it keep your stuff frozen...what about ice cream bars will it keep them long did it last. Taking a ...


What to Get My 16 Year Old for Her Road Trip

A.F. asks from Detroit

My Daughter is 16 and she is going on a mission trip in june and she is traveling for about 9 hours the first day to get there. She will be traveling with other teens...