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Air Travel Advice with a 3 Month Old

Hello. My husband and I will be flying to Florida next month with our 3 month old. I have a few questions about how to navigate through the airport and what to check/pack. From what I understand we can check items at check in and one item at the gate..? We will need to take her car seat and pack and play. I am having trouble deciding on which stroller to take. We have a snap and go, the Chicco travel system, and a baby trend lightweight stroller...My husband doesn't really want to take the Chicco because it may get dirty and/or beat...

Car Seats

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New Car Seat Cover

I saved the carseat from my son which is silver and light blue, But this time around i am having a girl and wanted to know if anyone knows where i could find a replacement cover for my graco car seat? All i have found were in the 80-100 bucks range. Thanks for your help on this.....


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Convertible Car Seats

i'm a little overwhelmed right now. My daughter is 10 mos old and about 17lbs and 27-28 inches. i've started looking for the next car seat but am so overwhelmed by the choices out there. Price is a factor- but not if it compromises Safety. I've looked at the Britax Roundabout and Marathon ( unsure if the extra $50 is needed to extend the life to 65lbs?) The Evenflo Triumph Advance seems to get great safety reviews, and goes to 50lbs ( at quite a bit less than the britax ) however some note it to be user UNfriendly. We had the Chicco...


Potty Chair Types

We're a ways from needing this, but I wanted to find out what worked best...

Potty Training Traveling

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Potty Training - Looking for Toliet Recommendations

I'm looking to put out the potties for my daughter, as recommended by her ped. Seems like the bjorn potties are the most popular but I'm looking for recommendations/tips. Also, if there are any potty training books that are better than others, would welcome that recommendation too. I'm sure this is a common question so I apologize for any duplications. Thanks in advance, mamas.