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Leaving Kids for Family Trip

My in-laws are planning an amazing 2 week cruise with the whole family-minus our kids. I wish I could be excited for this trip but I get anxious whenever I think about leaving my 3 little ones. They will be 4, 3 and 5 months old. I am having a difficult time finding someone whom I trust enough to watch the kids. My family agreed to watch them for a week but I know this is going to be extremely difficult for them because they are very busy and a week is a long time. My MIL has suggested some people she knows and trusts to watch the kids but...

Car Seats

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Baby Bjorn Carrier Vs. Ergo Baby Carrier

Looking to get a carrier for our new baby. I've read up on both the Baby Bjorn and the Ergo and they both seem nice. Just can't decide which one to get...Which one is more comfortable and easy to use?


Car Seat ?

My son is 11 months and weighs about 22 pounds, woould it be okay to turn...


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Advice for Air Travel with Infant

Hello all!! I have a question regarding air travel and sleep on vacation for other mom's out there. I am planning to take my 8 month old on two vacations in February. We will be in Mexico for one week, then back for a week, and then are going to Hawaii for a week for a family event. Sounds crazy, I know. I guess I have two questions: 1) Does anyone have any advice regarding taking a baby (for the first time) onto a plane? Have people taken their carseats onto the plane for a child this age? Or do you just put the baby on your...


Air Travel Tips

In December my family (husband and twin daughters) will be traveling to...


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Car Seat for Air Travel for 3.5 Yo

We're flying with our 1 yo old and 3.5 yo. The 1 yo will be on my lap. We will check his car seat. Question is: do I use a car seat for the 3.5 yo. He's pretty tall, about 42" and about 40 lbs. His car seat seems huge (Graco Nautilus) and I can't imagine him having any room. We will probably check his car seat anyway for driving around but I can't imagine using it on the plane. A friend said that she uses a booster for her 4 yo (who is smaller than my 3.5 yo) but I don't think that is approved by the FAA. I guess it's up to the...

Potty Training Traveling

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Potty Training & Road Trip

Hello Mama's! My darling 2 year old daughter is potty training and she has the "pee pee" down pack. Does anyone have advise on Potty Training and Road Trips? We will be traveling to Disney for Christmas. I have 2 boys who, if we reached a long stretch, and no restroom facility was in sight, I would pull out an empty water bottle and they would go pee and be done. 1)Any recommendations on travel potty? 2) Also, how do you handle when the have to go #2? I would hate to put the pull up on her, but it seems like the most sense to me right...