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Good Lip Balms?

My kindergartener has horribly chapped lips as well as the area all around his mouth. We have been putting Avon kids stuff on him, but I think he likes the flavor and licks at it, totally defeating the purpose. I was wondering what brands of lip balm or other treatment you Moms would recommend. His face looks so sore!

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Car Seat/Booster for Travel

I travel a lot with my two girls (3 year and almost 1 year) and I will not put either of my girls in a car (tax included) without proper car seats. The baby is not an issue since her car seat snaps into a stroller, but the older one is harder. We bought a Sunshine Kids Radian car seat when she was a year old and generally like it but it is really heavy. Now that she is 3 and almost 30 lbs, I'm looking for suggestions for boosters that are easier to travel with. I want something lightweight and easy to carry with a 5-point harness. ...


To Travel or Not...

I am about to start a full time job after freelancing for the last 7 years....

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Advice on Our First RV Trip

Hey Ladies- We are about to ebark on our first trip in our travel trailor. We will be going to a lake about an hour or so away for just a couple of nights. My husband and I have never done the RV thing. We have two children....daughter-8 and son-6. We also have two dogs who will be going with us (a boxer and a pug). I'd love any suggestions or advice to help prepare us for our first trip and ensure a successful time together. I grew up tent camping and my husband had a family cabin growing up, but neither of us have any experience...


Pregnancy and Travel

Hey Mamas - I am currently 24 weeks pregnant, high-risk only based on the...


Travel to Mexico

Good Morning, I just need some advice. My husband and our 2 children...

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Baby Hates to Ride in the Car.

I have a 7 week old boy that hates to ride in the car. All he does is cry and scream. I have tried everything, putting him in right after he eats, so that maybe he will sleep, after nap time, before he needs to be feed. I almost always have someone else in the car with me to talk with him, give him a bottle or binky, but nothing seems to be working. None of my other kids cried that much in the car, they would always fall asleep. Any ideas? Update...I didn't think about my little guy being car sick, my daughter now 13 gets car sick, me...


Games for Car Ride

Hello fellow moms! We are about to take our 4 kids (ages 4-12) in a VERY...

Traveling by Plane

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Toys for the Airplane

Hi Ladies, I am wondering what would be some good toys to use on the airplane with my 21 month old. We are going back east in June and it is a 3 hour plane ride. I'm sort of hoping since we have to get up early that he will take a bit of a nap but I won't hold my breath. ;-) Thanks A.


Our First Flight

Hi All, Tomorrow my 5 month old son and I will be taking our first...