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Travel Toys for Toddlers

We will be leaving this weekend to go on vacation with our 23 month old son. The car ride will be about 5 hours long. I'm looking for toys to help keep my son occupied. He'll be strapped into the carseat (obviously) so many of his favorite toys from home won't be appropriate for the car. I would appreciate any suggestions or any other "toddler travel tips" you have! PS- We will be renting some DVD's from the library but I don't want him to watch TV the entire time :) Thanks!


Long Car Ride

Hi everyone, I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old and we will be driving for...


To Travel or Not...

I am about to start a full time job after freelancing for the last 7 years....

Infant Travel Advice

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Advice for a Long Car Trip with 2 Kids

I am looking for any advice or suggestions for taking a long car trip with a 2 year old and almost 4 year old. My husband and I are planning a trip for a family reunion this summer. We will be driving from Minnesota to Oregon and will be gone for 10 days. In addition to 3 days at the reunion, we will be stopping in Utah for 2-3 days to visit my sister and stopping in Portland for 1 night to visit my aunt. Many things to see and many new and unfamiliar places for them to sleep. My daughters have never stayed in a hotel and the longest car...


Air Travel Tips

In December my family (husband and twin daughters) will be traveling to...

Traveling by Car

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Activities for a LOOOOONG Car Ride.....

hey ladies... This summer my husband and I are driving to WI to visit family. We have an almost 2 year old and a 7 month old. Does anyone have any ideas for keeping them entertained (besides the dvd thing) along the way. Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you so much!!!


Long Car Ride

Hi everyone, I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old and we will be driving for...

Traveling by Plane

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Toys for the Airplane

Hi Ladies, I am wondering what would be some good toys to use on the airplane with my 21 month old. We are going back east in June and it is a 3 hour plane ride. I'm sort of hoping since we have to get up early that he will take a bit of a nap but I won't hold my breath. ;-) Thanks A.


Ideas for the Plane

We are going on vacation soon and wanted to know if anyone had ideas to keep...


Carseats in Airplane

Do you know if the carseats fit into airplane seats well? We will be flying...


Whole Family

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Seeking Moms Who Have Travelled to Thailand with Their Baby and Family

Hi, My husband and I have the chance to travel to Thailand for a vacation in the fall. My husband is worried because our baby will only be a year and a half and he wonders if it is safe/wise to visit Thailand with a baby this age. Has anyone ever done this, and if so, where did you stay? Hotel advice also would be so helpful. Thank you so much! J.


Where to Vacation???

So my husband and i are thinking of taking a vacation togeather next year...