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Air Travel with 12 Month Old

D.V. asks from Chicago

Hi Everyone! I'll be traveling next week for the first time with my 12 month old. Our flight is only 2.5 hours long but my little guy is a very busy little boy. He...


Toddler Air Travel - Bring Car Seat?

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi, we are traveling over Thanksgiving to Florida and we have had to buy, for the first time, our son his own seat. He is 25 months old. I understand it is safer to...


One Year Shots the Same Day as International Travel?

B.M. asks from San Diego

I'm torn on weather or not to get my daughter's one year shots before or after our one month trip to Portugal. Her birthday is on a sunday and we leave Monday. My doc...


VA To NY travel...train of Plane?

C.W. asks from Redding

My family is flying from San Fransisco to Richmond VA....then we will be visiting NY. My question is about how to get from VA to NY. We can fly for $600 ( 2 hr flight...


Winter Travel in the Midwest with 15 Month Old

A. asks from Chicago

My husband and I are looking for a place to take our daughter for a few days between Christmas and New Year's. We don't have a ton of money to fly, so we are looking...


Car Seat & Air Travel with Infant

A.A. asks from Los Angeles

OUr family is flying from Long Beach to NYC on the 20th of this month with our 3.5 month old son. He strongly dislikes his car seat --we are unsure why, and I wanted...


How to Deal with In-law Guilt

J.D. asks from San Francisco

So my husband and I just had our first child, a girl, about 6 months ago. Naturally, since she has been born my in-laws, want to see her more and more. And they have ...


How Can I Deal with This Horrible Morning Sickness?

N.E. asks from Dallas

Does anybody know how to ease morning sickness? Rolaids, salty snacks and crackers, iced water, 7up, lemon... you name it! Nothing works! I feel sick all the time....


Internet Without Phone Line Anyone Have It

C.B. asks from Kansas City

At&T says they offer voice-line free internet. Does anyone have this or has anyone had it? We have Att Yahoo high speed internet now but are thinking of getting rid...


Seeking Advice on Air Travel with 1 Year Old

C.N. asks from Philadelphia

Please share your experiences traveling (on airplanes) with your child/children. We are planning to visit my husband who is serving in the Army and I just booked air...