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Family-Friendly Camping in Northern California

T.A. asks from Sacramento

We're searching for a family-friendly campground. We normally go camping with friends and/or extended family members but it is becoming increasingly difficult to coo...


Camping with a 15 Month-old?

L.M. asks from Austin

Now that the weather's starting to cool off, my husband and I want to go camping. Is it crazy to think about going with our 15 month-old daughter? Please share your e...


Grandparents Buying Way Too Many Xmas and Birthday Gifts

A.B. asks from Naples

My parents have always been really into giving lots and lots of gifts at Christmas and birthdays. As an older child and teenager, I was actually a little embarrassed ...


How Does Your Family Treat Step Children (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles...)

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

I saw on a previous question someone was upset how their children get treated and it made M. wonder whats typical. I've been curious in the past if children can be l...


Vacation Suveniours

V.M. asks from Cleveland

just wondered, when you go on vacation to an attraction that has a gift shop do you stop and let your kids get something? for kids older than 4 do you let them pick,...


Where Do You Vacation with Little People?

M.A. asks from Columbus

Ok, so my question is that my husband and I love to vacation but we have a 14 yr old, a 2 yr old, and a 11 mo old. The teenager loves to come with us and has been to ...


Bringing Your Kids' Friends on Vacation

L.T. asks from Houston

I'm wondering....when and why would you bring a friend of your child's on a family vacation? My oldest is 11 and two of her best friends are on vacation right now tog...


Family Vacation Dilemma, What Would You Do?

J.B. asks from Boston

Sorry this got longer than I intended. My husband and I have 4 kids - 2 are 16, one is 10, the other is 8. The last time we did a fly-away vacation was 9 years ago...


Dealing with Separation While on Vacation...

D.S. asks from Benton Harbor

I'm about to take my first real vacation in about 12 years! Yea!!! While it's long overdue, and well deserved, I'm pretty worried about how my youngest two are go...


How to Respond to Grandparents Who Want to Take 1 Child on Vacation

M.C. asks from Chicago

I love my inlaws and have always made an effort to get along with them because I love my husband and they are his family. That said, they do not supervise the childr...