Traces of Blood

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Streaks of Blood in Daughters Spit Up

A.S. asks from Missoula

My 11 month old daughter spitup the other day and there were streaks of blood in it. She dosent usually spit up, today she spit up again and there were streaks of blo...


Blood After Bowel Movement

J.C. asks from San Diego

Our daughter was severly constipated as a toddler, once she was potty trained and since taking Childrens DHA every day....that was it and all was good. She only goes...


Diaper Rash

A.B. asks from Tulsa

My daughter has a diaper rash from having diarrhea, every time i put her rash cream on her she screams in pain like it is burning her.. i have tried so may different ...


Weird Baby Poop - What Is That?!?

A.B. asks from Cleveland

I changed my 5 month old's diaper last night and there was something weird in his poop. There was the regular mushy, sticky, mustard yellow goop but there were also ...


3 Year Old Won't Poop! at All

A.S. asks from Bellingham

We've been potty training our 2.5 (3 on Jan 2nd) for months. We had a stint where we were almost done, she was peeing on the potty well, pooping on occasion and wear...


Allergy Testing by Blood

G.H. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know how accurate these tests are?? My daughter has been breaking out in hives for almost 3 weeks now. We finally got her in for a blood allergy screening...


Diaper Rash?

S.F. asks from Charlotte

Thanks for all of the great advice on diaper rash treatment, and on environmentally friendly cloth diapers! I just get discouraged when moms in general post on t...


Stool Sample... Diarrhea!

R.. asks from Chattanooga

My (1 year old) DD has been having some diarrhea and vomiting lately, so I took her to the pedi. who (after checking her out) asked me to get a stool sample for him. ...


Pale Stool Color

J.C. asks from Champaign

My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been having pale color stools. They are not running, but very pale. She is acting normal in every way, but when I looked up "pale sto...


Green Poop with a Twist

R.G. asks from San Diego

Hi, wise moms - my darling 2 month old has suffered from green poop for the past month. Just as I was starting to really freak out, I read up GP on this board and gat...