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Lactose Intolerant Newborn

M.F. asks from Los Angeles

Did/does anyone have a lactose intolerant little one? It was just recently determined that my nephew is lactose intolerant. He is 10 weeks old. My SIL is really conce...


Could Formula Be Making My 1 Month Old Constipated?

J.C. asks from Santa Fe

I have a one month old at home. I tried breastfeeding but was not able to make enough milk to sustain her. I reluctantly gave her formula because imporantly she needs...


My 2 Months Baby Stools Are Liquid, Does He Has Diarrhea? Please Help

I.C. asks from Los Angeles

helllo: My baby stools has always been very liquidy and I never thougth of it as diarrhea, because I'm breastfeeding and my lactation consultant say is a normal st...


Is Spitting-up Normal?

J.H. asks from Richmond

I have a 3 1/2 month old son and he is on Similac with iron. Well I havve noticed that he is spitting-up all the time. He does it almost after every feeding and does ...


2-Month Old Has Bad Bms

R.G. asks from Houston

I need some advice please. My 2-month old did fine in the hospital and coming home from the hospital. She started off with Similac Advance and did great. Then when we...


How to handle a gassy and fussy newborn while nursing

T.P. asks from Salinas

I have a 7 week old baby girl. She has been extremely gassy and fussy since she was born. She was 3 weeks early and since she wasn't breastfeeding strong, I had a har...


2 Month Old Hard Time Pooping and Hemmoroids??

T.L. asks from Fresno

My daughter turned 2 months old on the 16th of this month. From the time she was born she has had a hard time going #2. She is formula fed, on a lactose free formul...


Desperate--please Help

J.C. asks from Houston

thanks so much for all who responded to my 'stomach virus or something worse?'... i had another question- he is allergic to cows milk- or was- i think he grew out of ...


Switching Baby Formual

J.G. asks from Phoenix

Hi moms! My 3 month old son has had a lot of gas the past 3-4 weeks, to the point of him screaming. He has even gone as far as not breastfeeding :( I have been giv...



K.B. asks from Lansing

I have a 4 year old daughter, and we used Similac Advanced with her. I am currently pregnant with our second child and was wondering if I could get some input. My fri...