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Flying with an 8 Month Old

I will be taking my daughter, (8 months when we fly), on a four hour flight by myself and she doesn't have her own seat. I don't ever really give her medicine unless she really needs it (i.e. fever, etc.) but I am wondering if there is anything I can give her to help with take-off and landing, I will feel awful for her and everyone else on the plane if she is screaming during the flight. Any suggestions? Also - is anyone familiar with policies about strollers and carseats? Are they counted as your carry-on baggage or not? Any travel...

Jumpers & Walkers

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Activities for 7 1/2 Month Old

My daughter is 7 1/2 months, and she just started crawling. I need advice on new types of toys or entertainment i can provide her. She gets really tired of her toys QUICK! She has a jumper, and she only likes to be in it for 5 minutes (if that). She has tons of stuffed animals, the rings, books, baby cell phone, remote control, etc.... Does anyone have any suggestions of toys/activities your children absolutley loved?


Walker or Jumparoo?

I LOVE when babies are in walkers! Its so cute! I love them being able to...