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Traveling with a One Year Old by Myself, Help!

So I am going to be traveling from Colorado to Michigan (about a 3 hr flight) with my one year old for the first time and I have no idea what to bring! I am nervous about getting through the checkpoint with everything and then trying to fly with my little wiggle worm. Can some of you tell me what you brought or did for formula/snacks? car seat? stroller? toys? suggestions/advice for a happy baby during the flight? I have a stroller that I can use while I am in michigan so I'm not sure if I should bother dragging mine through the airport. I...

Lunch Box & Thermos

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Preparing for First Grade

Hi Moms, My son will be starting first grade in September and I'm trying to prepare for it. We home schooled for Grade K because we didn't have public K in our town last year - we live in NH. So this is all new to us. What will my son need to go to school - a backpack, lunch box, pencils, rulers, pens, notebooks? I don't know where to begin. Do 6 year olds need a backpack? What's a good one - something from LL Bean? What kind of lunch boxes work best? Do I supply him with pencils and erasers? Do first graders use pens? What about markers...


Looking for Backpack

I'm looking for a backpack to use as a diaper bag. I don't want a huge one....