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Help Deciding on Side by Side Stroller Options, Peg Perego, Combi, MacClaren

S.C. asks from Atlanta

I have a son who was two in January and have another baby a girl due in March. I am looking for a double side by side stroller. These are my choices and I am having t...


Good Teethers/teething Toys??

J.Y. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, my daughter is chewing everything she can get her little hands on (including her hands!) so I am wondering if any of you have recommendations for good teethe...


Lightweight Stroller??

R.L. asks from Los Angeles

My lightweight single combi stroller broke the other day, which I still need for my 20 month old. I'd like to buy an inexpensive lightweight stroller to replace it (...


Umbrella Stroller Advice Needed

P.P. asks from Norfolk

We're interested in purchasing a "light" stroller for travel/shopping purposes for a 20 month old. Do any mom's out there have any advice on current brands or types ...


What Stroller to Take on a Disney Vacation?? Any Other Tips?

A.M. asks from Philadelphia

Hello! We are going on a family vacation soon with 2 kids --ages 4 years and 6 months. Wondering what stroller I should bring? I have a single mcclaren umbrella, a...


Do We Need a Stroller....?

C.H. asks from Denver

We are preparing to welcome our first child and are debating on whether we will need a stroller for our little one. The questions we keep asking ourselves is "When wo...


Help Me Find a Good Double Stroller!!!

K.L. asks from Washington DC

I have a 19 month old daughter and am due to have a baby in Feburary. I have been doing research on some double strollers and I am having a hard time finding a good ...


Owners of Lightweight Stollers?

J.S. asks from New York

I am happy to be getting rid of my bulky & extremely heavy travel system stroller and graduating to a lightweight one. I may be asking the impossible but here's my w...


Do I Really Need a Double Stroller??

R.S. asks from Seattle

I have a 2 year old daughter who will 2 1/2 when our 2nd child is born, in June. I am trying to prepare for #2 and wondering what other mom's think about double strol...


Toy for a Large Baby??

M.P. asks from Provo

I have a 5 month old that is about 5 lbs away from the weight limit on his Precious Planet jumperoo (he is a HUGE baby! 21 lbs at his 4 month check up). I want him to...