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3 Year Old with Poison ivy---Help!

My 3 year old has poison ivy. He has had it for a couple weeks now. We have done he Aveeno bath a about 4 or 5 times. There are days it is all about gone, to only come back a bit worse the next day. It's Friday, we will take him to the doctor on Monday, however does anyone have any advice?????

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Bubble Bath Question

When I get a cold I love taking a hot bubble bath but know bubble baths can cause UTI's. If I use a tampon while taking a bubble bath would this prevent getting a UTI? I feel ignorant even asking!


Bubble Bath on Carpet

My kids spilt a half bottle of bubble bath on the carpet. I have no idea how...


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Best Baby Shower Gifts and Ideas for Games

I have a two-part question as my mom and best friend have started to plan my baby shower. First, what were the best and worst gifts you received at your baby shower, or in other words, what should I be SURE to have on my registry, and what could I do without? Secondly, does anybody have any fun or unique ideas for baby shower activities? Something beyond the typical baby games that leave most of the attendees bored to tears by the end of the day?


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Hives (No More Advice Needed Thanks)

my 2 year old daughter i covered in hives. i took her to the dr yesterday and they confirmed that it was just hives. we have done nothing new with food, soaps, or anything like that. im assuming its something envronmental. right now we are giving her benadryl (drs orders) up to 4x a day and i am givig her an oatmeal bath in the morning also. but its not clearing up at all. what works for other moms out there. she has hives in her daiper area legs torso arms and her face. shes not really bothered by it and isnt itching yet. i just dont want...