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Toy Ideas for Daughter's Christmas & First Birthday

H.E. asks from Knoxville

My daughter turns one on Dec. 30, and I'm looking for some toy or other gift ideas from Moms with little girls for her first birthday (and Christmas, since they are s...


At What Age Did Your Chld Start Going to the Movie Theater?

R.G. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 2.5 and she loves to watch movies and is hooked on Toy Story right now. I'm debating taking her to see the new one but I'm not sure if the excitement ...


Gift Ideas for the New Baby to Give Its Big Brother at the Hospital...

M.G. asks from Chattanooga

Hello ladies, I am expecting my second child in about 8 weeks and everyone keeps telling me that the new baby needs to have a gift for its Big Brother at the hospita...


How to Get My 1 Year Old to Sleep in Her Own Crib

R.H. asks from Tampa

Hi, I have a 1 year old daughter. I have allowed her to sleep in my bed for quite a few months now. Now, when I put her in her crib, she just starts crying and won't...


One Year Pictures

S.W. asks from Minneapolis

I am wondering if anyone had any really cute ideas for my son's one year pictures. We are having them taking professionally and want to go into the shoot with some i...


Any Good Rainy Day Activities for Two Year Olds?

S.S. asks from Chicago

Hi! Just looking for any good Rainy day activities for my just turning 2 year old to do to keep him from going stir crazy inside! Any ideas would quite welcomed..Than...


My 2 Year Old Is Hitting Me and Other Family Members.

H.G. asks from Abilene

My sweet little girl is 2 on April 5th. She has turned in to a hitting machine. When she is told no, when someone is looking at her, when someone smiles at her she wi...


Help with 16 Month Old Hitting Mom When Getting Disciplined

C.G. asks from Scranton

Hello Everyone, This is my first post and people always get such wonderful advice I thought I might try to get some advice too. My 16 month old son has started t...


Share the Love! How Does Your Family Celebrate Valentine's Day WITHOUT Gifts?

K.J. asks from Atlanta

It seems kids are often robbed of the true meaning of Holidays as big business marketers have us believing that "love" is all about gift giving. Please share your fa...