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Bougainvillea and Extra Teeth

K.M. asks from Honolulu

In an effort to save space I have two questions here. Both in regards to my 5 year old son. First, he was pricked with a bougainvillea thorn yesterday, didn't even ...


Six Teeth to Be Pulled

K.T. asks from Green Bay

Hello, my 7-year-old son is nervous around dentists because he had a bad first experience. When he was two, another daycare child pushed him in to the corner of two ...


Trying to Lose the Paci @ 3 Yrs Old..

T.F. asks from Los Angeles

my daughter is over 3 yrs old and still wants the pacifier for bed & naps. doesn't use it for naps @ school, but cries for it when she's w/us. she usually loses it on...


My Son HATES Getting His Teeth Brushed!

T.B. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms I have a 14 month old son. He has almost a full mouthful of teeth already, and he HATES getting them brushed. I have tried getting him to play with the too...


Has Your Toddler Refused to Have His Teeth Brushed?

A.B. asks from New York

My 2-year-old son has always been a pretty good teeth-brusher, willing to let me get in there and brush as much as I want. But last week, he had a tummy bug and was v...


Hair Combing and Teeth Brushing

D.C. asks from Sarasota

Hi, I can't get my granddaughter to let me brush her teeth or hair. She has extremely curly hair and it gets in alot of knots, even with No More Tangles sprayed on it...


Teeth Turning Gray

S.S. asks from Norfolk

Hello, I'm desperate to find out if anyone has experience with toddler's teeth turning gray. My 17 month old son has 8 teeth. I noticed about 2 months ago that they ...


Can Pacifier Cause "Buck" Teeth?

A.M. asks from Jackson

Can anybody help give me some advice on whether or not a pacifier can cause damage to my niece's teeth. She's 18 months old? She is off the bottle and loves the ...


How Do I Get My Daughter to Brush Her Teeth

M.H. asks from Chicago

My almost 3 year old is refusing to brush her teeth. We went to the dentist a few weeks ago and she was amazingly compliant at the dentist's. I think part of the is...


Not Insured and Warried About Child's Permanent Teeth!

K.G. asks from Seattle

I just noticed tonight that my oldest son who is now 6, is having his first permanent tooth!!! What a shock for me, and what a feelig of seeing how much my baby has g...