Tooth Fairy

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My 4 Yr Old Child Has Lost 4 Teeth After Dental Work, Is That Normal?

J.R. asks from Los Angeles

My toddler at the age of 3 had dental work cause she had cavities,but now that she is 4yr and 10 mths has already lost 4 teeth, has anyone else experienced this and i...


Seeking Advise About Losing Baby Teeth

E.D. asks from Los Angeles

My 5 year old son has his first loose tooth, and freaked out because we did not prepare him for this. (I had totally forgotten, oops). Do you have any advise on the t...


My Child's Tooth Is Already Coming In, but the Loose One Is Still There

M.M. asks from Austin

My son's first loose tooth is one of center ones on the bottom. It has been loose for about 4 weeks now. This morning I noticed the new tooth is already popping up...


What to Do with the Baby Teeth?

J.K. asks from Bellingham

My daughter lost her first baby tooth on Sunday. It was so exciting (and a little sad for me, she's growing up too fast). We talked about the tooth fairy and she put ...


Chipped Tooth Turning Yellow/ Brownish

L.T. asks from Philadelphia

My just turned 2 year old son chipped his front right tooth about 3 weeks ago at the playground. He's seen a pediatric dentist twice since the accident. It seems li...


Is My 4 1/2 Year Old Too Young to Be Losing Teeth?

J.A. asks from San Diego

My 4 1/2 year old told me tonight that his tooth hurt, so I started feeling around and felt that the tooth that was hurting was loose. It is his bottom front right to...


At What Age Did Your Kiddos Start Losing Teeth?

A.W. asks from Colorado Springs

My now 5YO daughter has got a pretty shaky top-front tooth. Geez, I don't think I am ready yet for the 'tooth fairy'! LOL Seriously, is 5 too young? Which teeth...


New Teeth

E.K. asks from Lawrence

my 5 yo has her first lose tooth. we just realized that behind her lose tooth, her big tooth is coming in. it has already popped through her gum. has anyone else expe...


2 1/2 Year Old Knocked Out Her Front Tooth! I What Do We Do??

A.R. asks from San Francisco

My toddler was standing, playing peekaboo with an adult friend, when she simply fell onto her plastic sippy cup, knocking out one of her front teeth. After the initia...


Shark Teeth

S.D. asks from Dallas

I help my five year old son with his teeth brushing everyday and on Saturday I noticed something very distrubing that I had not noticed before. Behind his baby teeth...