Toddler: Triple Paste

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Diaper Rash

A.M. asks from Chicago

Hi, Moms. My 11 month old daughter has had an ongoing diaper rash- very red & gets more irritated after a bm (outer vaginal area) since Oct. I've tried many differ...


Foul Smelling Diarreha in 18 Month Old???

J.G. asks from Detroit

I think my daughter has Rotovirus AGAIN! Ugh, this is a nightmare. So far since 830 am she has had 9 diarrhea filled diapers and her butt is so raw. I feel so bad for...


I Need a Diaper Rash Remedy!!

C.G. asks from Allentown

Hi girls- My 2 1/2 year old has been struggling with a diaper rash all summer long. It gets better and seems to go away and then as soon as she's near a pull-up of ...


Cracked Bleeding Diaper Rash?

M.F. asks from New York

My daughter suddenly has a cracked, bleeding diaper rash. We have always had a problem with diaper rash while teething, but this is different, it is a bunch of tiny r...


HORRID Diaper Rash!

M.W. asks from Wichita

HELP! My daughter gets HORRID diaper rash when she teeths. (My sister and I both had this problem as well, per my mom) One poppy diaper can literally eat her skin and...


Diaper Rash-EXTREMELY BAD!!! Please Help

K.W. asks from Dallas

My 11 MO little girl has very sensitive skin. Two weeks ago she got a stomach bug and had dirrhea really bad. We have been treating a bad cash of diaper rash. I me...


My 17 Month Old Daughter Has a SEVERE Diaper Rash That I Can't Seem to Get Rid

B.S. asks from Chicago

My 17 month old daughter has had a really bad diaper rash for about a week now at least and I can't seem to get rid of it. She had a fever for about 4 hours a week a...


1 Year Old in Pain (Bowel Movements & Rash)

S.G. asks from Harrisburg

Hi Moms, My 1 year old has been adjusting to regular whole milk now and no formula .. All o a sudden, he has been having diarreha constantly and ha...


11 Month Old Pooping Too Much!

J.W. asks from New York

Help! My daughter, who will be 11 months old next week, has been pooping like crazy for about 4 days now. She will have about 6 - 7 BM's a day, each one filling her d...


Problem W/9 Month Old Daughter's Diaper Rash

M.M. asks from Norfolk

My baby girl has a diaper rash that appears in red blister looking lesions and has been like this for about a week. I have tried regular diaper rash cream (several d...