Toddler: Summer Infant

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Please Recommend a Baby Monitor!

S.T. asks from Denver

Hi moms. Looking for a digital video monitor. What are your recommendations?


Safety Gates

M.G. asks from Kansas City

Hello, I need to purchase a gate for the top of the stairs leading to our basement. If possible I would like to purchase a model that I can strap securely to the ban...


Best Video Baby Monitors

M.K. asks from Boca Raton

Hi...we live in two story home with wireless network/cordless phones. Which ones are you ladies recommending? Looking for a video monitor Thanks so much Mom t...


Multi Child Baby Monitor

S.B. asks from Savannah

Does anyone know of a brand/monitor that will monitor more than one room? And NOT cost $250-400?


Advice on Purchasing a Video Baby Monitor

M.J. asks from Minneapolis

We are thinking about purchasing a video baby monitor. There is so much variety out there I don't know where to start. Any recommendations or one's to stay away from ...


Baby Monitor Reviews - Which Is Best and Worst to Buy?

T.T. asks from Dallas

We bought the Fisher Price Duel Private Connection Monitor when my daughter was born 2 years ago and LOVED IT!!! Now it has static and some other issues. We purch...


Good Baby Monitor

R.M. asks from Hartford

With my daughter starting to sleep through the night, we've decided to start putting her in her own room. With that, we need to buy a monitor. I don't want to spend 1...


How to Create a Peaceful Transition from Bath to Changing Table

C.G. asks from Boston

My son is 13 months old. Whenever he gets out of the tub (kitchen sink) he freaks out. I realize it is b/c he loves it, but I have been told that 5 minutes at his a...


Moving Baby to Their Room.

C.M. asks from Kansas City

My 3 month old has been sleeping through the night and only fusses a little when she is ready to eat. She sleep in our room and I wondered if we should move her to he...


Recommendations for a Baby Monitor with Sound & Image

C.B. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas, We just moved to a big house on three levels and I cannot hear my baby! I'd like to buy a Baby Monitor that has a good range and has both image and sound...