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Baby Monitor

J. asks from Phoenix

Good morning mama's. I am a 1st time mom with my little guy due the beginning of May. My husband & have done our registry but just realized we needed a monitor (th...


Video Monitors

B.S. asks from Reno

My husband and I fought constantly with my first son because I couldn't resist the urge to check on him at night and would sometimes wake him up, so our comprimise th...


Recommendations on Video Monitor

C.J. asks from Miami

Dear Moms, My son turned 3 last week and the next day our video monitor stopped working. At first I thought I could live without it, but I've realized how much I ...


Monitoring 2 Rooms

L.J. asks from Tampa

Hi moms! I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and am due with my second the beginning of December. Does anyone have a monitor that allows them to monitor 2 rooms at onc...


Any Baby Monitors to Recommend?

M.L. asks from San Francisco

Hello. I've been researching some baby monitors to purchase for my 14mth old girl and for my unborn. I'm debating on the monitor or just the regular hear/sound monito...


I Need a Larger Swaddle Blanket

C.K. asks from Chicago

My daughter is almost 6 months old and still loves the swaddle. We are using the Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle in size small and she is really too big for it. A friend at w...


Bedrails for Twin Bed

A.F. asks from Chicago

Any recommendations for good bed rails for a three year old moving into her first big girl bed?


Portable Bed Rail? or Other Suggestions?

H.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi there, We will be staying in a hotel with our 3 1/2 year old and 6 month old. Our older child used to just sleep between my husband and me when traveling, but n...


Baby Monitor

L.L. asks from Burlington

Hi there! We just had our 3rd child, and I am looking to get a new monitor. It's been awhile since I've shopped for one, so I was wondering if anyone had any reccome...


I Need a GREAT Baby Monitor with Video

J.T. asks from Youngstown

I was looking on line to purchase a babymonitor with video, and I always read reviews, but I need some better feedback from mommies out there. I was debating on gett...