Toddler: Stokke

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Formaldehyde Free And/or Eco-friendly Cribs/bassinets

C.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hi! Can anyone recommend a nice, simple, smallish formaldehyde-free crib or bassinet? I am due in Sept. and we live in a pretty small cottage. I don't want to get a ...


How Long in High Chair?

M.B. asks from Sacramento

How old or what abilities should a child have to no longer need a high chair? I know that my 15 month old son still has a way to go, but I'm thinking of transitionin...


Recommendations on Svan High Chair

P.S. asks from Boston

Hi moms, I'm wondering what you think of the Svan high chair. Although expensive, it gets great reviews and my husband and I like the fact that it's stylish and ca...


High Chair

R.R. asks from Seattle

I'm a first-time Mom looking to buy a high chair. I'm interesting in hearing recommendations of high chairs (good & bad). I'm not interested in the space-saver type ...


Booster Chair Recommondation

K.V. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have a good booster chair that they like. There is so many out there that I have no idea where to begin. My 19 month old twins are soooo done with their h...


Which Maclaren Do You Like??

S.S. asks from Chicago

My husband and I are going to register next week. My uncle is buying us the UPPA baby stroller, which will be our main stroller. We also want to register for an umb...


High Chair

D.P. asks from New York

Im trying to buy a High Chair for my son but i cant really tell what ones are good and what ones are bad!!! what would be the ultimate high chair??? Do i even nee...



C.G. asks from Portland

I am trying to find a booster that really works for a 2 yr old girl. Not one that has a tray but onne that simply makes her a little taller if it has a tray option t...


How Long Did You Use the High Chair?

R.D. asks from Richmond

My house is STUPID small, so we had to get rid of our dining room table. The girls eat dinner at the bar, my husband and I sit at the coffee table, my son goes in his...


Homemade Baby- Lots of Questions

J.B. asks from Los Angeles

I would really love to make homemade baby food for my son, but I have no idea what I need... my son isnt quite ready yet but I started to gather a few cookbooks-- I k...