Toddler: Squirt Guns

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Prize for Birthday Party Games.....

S.A. asks from Phoenix

I need some ideas of prizes for my games that are going to be played at my sons 1st birthday party. The problem is the kids range from 2 to 11 years old so I need so...


Gift Bags or Not?

D.W. asks from Dallas

Moms, Please help me. My son's 6th birthday party is tomorrow (last minute question here). We usually have his party at our house with his friends, parents, etc. Thi...


What kind of activities can I do with my 2 year old at home?

M.G. asks from Washington DC

Ok, it is summer time but due to one thing and another we only have one car. so i was wondering what kind of activities i can do with my almost 2 year old at home ...


Need Help from Texas Moms and Other WARM States

R.K. asks from Appleton

My daughter's significant other lives on Galveston Island. He has 3 children who are a girl, 10 and 2 boys 3 and 5 yrs old. My daughter has an almost 5 yr old. My ...


Play Guns

J.M. asks from Atlanta

I had a question about play guns. I have two boys ages 2 and 3. We are usually good about monitoring what they watch on tv. A couple of months ago at a yard sale I...


Help with My Cat/kids

S.W. asks from Minneapolis

This may sound strange but I need help with our cat. We have had our cat for almost a year now. It was a gift to my kids from their aunt. My question is my cat is ...


5 Year Old Birthday Game Ideas?!?!?!

K.G. asks from Elkhart

I am planning a joint birthday party for my daughter who will be 5 and my grandmother who will be 88. We have rented a park pavilion and will be outside. I am looki...


Birthday Gift Favors

C.T. asks from Detroit

My baby is turning one in 3 weeks and my daughter 3 in 3 months. ive always hate comming up with stuff for the gift bags, for the other kids.(i know you dont have to,...


Having Friends over - Would You Want to Be Asked first...horses, Pond

M.S. asks from Columbus

My kids are ages 11,9 and 8. (also have a 1 year old, but she doesn't ride horses, yet :) Whenever the kids have friends over, I always ask the parent if it's ok bef...


Ideas for Mix of Kids at First B-day

M.L. asks from Austin

We are having a backyard/house first bday. We have about 30 adult and 10 kids -- the problem is it's in late June - HOT - and there are 4 babies and 6 kids (3-7). I...