Toddler: Seventh Generation

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18 Month Old Will Not Stop Taking Clothes and Diapers Off

L.V. asks from Phoenix

I am a mother of 18 month old triplets and one of them will not stop taking her clothes off and diaper too. She does it when no one is looking. I have tried all dif...


Rash with Cloth Diapers

J.K. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Ladies, I was wondering if anyone has experienced diaper rashes while using cloth diapers. My 2m old son goes back and forth between cloth and seventh generati...


Has Anyone Tried Chlorine Free or Gdiapers?

S.O. asks from San Diego

Which is more cost effective? Right now we are trying Nature BabyCare diapers and I really like them. They don't seem to irritate my DD's bottom like the other regu...


Going Green

A.F. asks from Indianapolis

Hi Moms! Just wanted to share something. I bought the 99 cent reusable grocery bags at Marsh, and they give you a 5 cent per bag refund at the checkout--not somethi...


Looking for Recommendations on "Green" Disposable Diapers

D.S. asks from San Francisco

My husband really does not want to use cloth diapers (our son is due to be born in early January 2010.) My husband has had 2 children previously so has some experienc...


15 Month Old Soaks Diaper Every Night

A.L. asks from Chicago

My 15 month old son pees though his diaper every night. He still drinks his milk each night but I've been limiting it lately to 4 ounces right before bed (which he i...


Eco-friendly Diaper Options

S.L. asks from Philadelphia

When my first son was born I had him at a hospital and they provided pampers while we were there and sent us home with the remainder of the pack when we went home. I...


Natural Remedies for Red, Itchy Rash

S.R. asks from Sacramento

My 21 month old boy has this large red rash on his bum/lower back. It started out small and didn't bother him and it was getting better but just this morning I got h...


Natural Diaper Wipes and Daycare

O.B. asks from Minneapolis

My three month-old is about to start day care and we are asked to supply the wipes. Curently I use soft pieces of fabric and wet them down with just water, but what ...


Going Green/eating Organic - Need Advice

K.M. asks from Los Angeles

hello everyone! i was just curious to see if anyone had any advice on how to start going green, specifically detoxing the home. i don't know where to start! i do u...