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Toys on a Plane for 19 Month Old

H.R. asks from Dallas

We will be traveling in August for vacation and this will be the first time we are flying with our son, who will be 19 months at the time. He will be sitting in our ...


Good Presents for 2 Year Old

S.C. asks from Los Angeles

What did your 2 year old love? Or not love? I am trying to find good presents for my almost 2 year old for Christmas AND Birthday! I learned last year that some prese...


Toy Recommendations for 1-Year Old

T.R. asks from Denver

My daughter is turning 1 in a few weeks and am wondering what the latest and greatest toys are for 1-2 year olds. Was thinking of a play kitchen so if anyone has one...


Flying with 8 Month Old

T.K. asks from Chicago

My husband and I will be going to Florida at the end of the month with our 8 month old son. We are flying Southwest and have not booked a seat for our son. Any tips...


Looking for Fun Things to Do with My 18 Month Old

T.H. asks from Chicago

I just moved to Elmhurst from Phoenix, AZ. Does anyone know of any fun activities around here to do with my 18 month old daughter? I was thinking of going to the Sh...


Indoor Stuff to Do with a 2 Year Old

B.W. asks from Pittsburgh

It's getting colder now and I need some ideas of stuff to keep my 2 year old busy. She has play dough and markers but is getting bored with those. I would love some ...


What to Do with a 2 Year Old All Day, Education Wise?

B.B. asks from Los Angeles

I am a nanny and take my 2 year old boy, C, to work. we go to work and he wants to watch PJ mask until i take kids to school then we color, lunch, nap, pick the kids ...


18 Month Old Bitiing, Please Help!

S.M. asks from Dallas

My 18 month old is biting more and more. He is doing it to the other kids at daycare quite frequently and I am worried that they are going to kick him out. I underst...


Flying with a 10 Month Old

D.R. asks from New York

I will be flying with my 10 month old son for the first time at the end of the month. Any ideas/suggestions to make it as easy as possible.


What to Do with a 4 Month Old?

J.P. asks from Cincinnati

My daughter just turned 4 months old and I feel like she is bored of her playmat, her bouncy seat and other toys. I find that if I prop her up sitting and play with ...