Toddler: Princess

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Where Can I Have a Princess Party in or near Naperville?

E.G. asks from Chicago

Hi - Looking for information to have a princess party in/or near the Naperville area. I'm open to either at a location or at my home. Thanks in advance.


3 Yr Old Princess Party

S.N. asks from Chicago

Hi My soon to be three year old only wants a purple princess party with Cinderella. I am looking for suggestions for a reasonably priced venue. The private tea par...


Loking for a Princess for My Girls Birthday Party

S.K. asks from Phoenix

Hi moms ,I have 2 birthdays this month, one of my girls turning 6 and the other one turning 1 ,So I'm thinking of doing a princess party but the problem is I cant fin...


Birthday Idea for a 5Yr Old Princess

A.T. asks from Atlanta

Does anyone know of a company who comes out and dresses up as a princess and does face painting and anything else for 5 yr old birthday party. Does anyone have any i...


Disney Princess Party - Need Game Ideas!

A.S. asks from Rockford

Hello - we are having a Disney Princess party for our daughter who will be 4 in a few weeks. 2 of her friends are 5 & 6 and 1/2 and are coming dressed up as princesse...


Need a "Princess" to Come to Daughter's Bday Party

J.K. asks from Boston

Any suggestions for a 1/2 hr - 1 hr princess visit for bday party? Just looking for someone dolled up as Cinderella or one of the others to come, read a book or sing...


Looking for Place/someone to Make Princess Cake

C.A. asks from Dallas

My daughter is turning one at the beginning June and her birthday party is "princess themed". When I say princess theme, I mean all pink, tiaras and castles. I have c...


Ideas for Princess-themed Birthday Party

A.C. asks from Salt Lake City

My daughter is turning 6 next month and wants to have a Princess-themed party. She wants to invite about 8 girls over. We are stumped on ideas for the party. All we h...


The Princess and the Frog and My 5 Year Old

J.P. asks from Lincoln

I was hoping to take my daughter to see "The Princess and the Frog" for her 5th birthday next week. Has anyone seen it? It seems as if it may be too scary for a 5 yea...


Princess Themed Birthday party..turning 3:-)

J.T. asks from Philadelphia

Hello ladies, My daughter will be turning 3yrs old May 23, and my husband and I need ideas for a birthday party. I thought about the zoo(she loves animals), we t...