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Trying to Wean 12 1/2 Month Old off of Bottle

A.G. asks from Indianapolis

I need Help! I am trying to get my 1 yr old off of the bottle. I have tried putting milk, juice, kool-aid in a sippy cup. I try all day long. For two days I did no...


My 4 Month Old Son Does Not Take a Bottle...

A.T. asks from San Francisco

Hello, I have been breastfeeding my son since he was born, and he used to drink my expressed milk with bottle without any problem. Then, last whole month, I did no...


Bottle Trouble with My 16 Month Old

A.C. asks from Columbia

my 16 month old loves her bottle how can i get it away i tried water but she dont want nothing but her milk in her bottle or juice all day what can i do?


Has Anyone Supplemented at 1 Month?

C.G. asks from San Luis Obispo

my newborn is one month old and he is hungry all of the time..(he is a big boy) It seems like after i breastfeed he is hungry about 20 minutes later again, I have star...


16 Month Old Still on Bottle

K.C. asks from Stationed Overseas

I have a 16 month old boy who loves his bottle! His doctor is pressing me to take him off the bottle and i know i need to for his teeth but at night or nap time if i ...


14 Month Old with Negative Change in Behavior

L.B. asks from Philadelphia

My son has recently been more moody then usual. He is throwing tantrums which he hasn't done before. I am also trying to introduce him to the sippy cup. He throws it a...


8 Month Old and Bottle

E.E. asks from Denver

My daughter just turned 8 months and is eating fruit, veggies,(sometimes meat-makes her gag)and oat cereal. Are doc also said it was okay to give her cheerios too. Any...


My 14 Month Old Will Not Sleep Without a Bottle!

A.A. asks from Los Angeles

I was just wondering has anyone gone through this I mean during the day I give him a sippy cup that he drinks water and juice and only water and juice but when it come...


2 Month Old Won't Take Bottle

K.K. asks from Boston

My two month old daughter won't take the bottle. We have been trying for a couple of weeks now, and have tried several different nipples/bottles (playtex drop ins, si...


Pregnant with Twins and Have a 19 Month Old.

T.B. asks from Tampa

Hi everyone, my husband and i just found out that we are pregnant with twins and we also have a 19 month old daughter. I am looking for some advice about strollers, ...