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Trying to Wean 12 1/2 Month Old off of Bottle

A.G. asks from Indianapolis

I need Help! I am trying to get my 1 yr old off of the bottle. I have tried putting milk, juice, kool-aid in a sippy cup. I try all day long. For two days I did n...


My 4 Month Old Son Does Not Take a Bottle...

A.T. asks from San Francisco

Hello, I have been breastfeeding my son since he was born, and he used to drink my expressed milk with bottle without any problem. Then, last whole month, I did n...


Bottle Trouble with My 16 Month Old

A.C. asks from Columbia

my 16 month old loves her bottle how can i get it away i tried water but she dont want nothing but her milk in her bottle or juice all day what can i do?


Has Anyone Supplemented at 1 Month?

C.G. asks from San Luis Obispo

my newborn is one month old and he is hungry all of the time..(he is a big boy) It seems like after i breastfeed he is hungry about 20 minutes later again, I have sta...


16 Month Old Still on Bottle

K.C. asks from Stationed Overseas

I have a 16 month old boy who loves his bottle! His doctor is pressing me to take him off the bottle and i know i need to for his teeth but at night or nap time if i...


14 Month Old with Negative Change in Behavior

L.B. asks from Philadelphia

My son has recently been more moody then usual. He is throwing tantrums which he hasn't done before. I am also trying to introduce him to the sippy cup. He throws it ...


8 Month Old and Bottle

E.E. asks from Denver

My daughter just turned 8 months and is eating fruit, veggies,(sometimes meat-makes her gag)and oat cereal. Are doc also said it was okay to give her cheerios too. An...


My 14 Month Old Will Not Sleep Without a Bottle!

A.A. asks from Los Angeles

I was just wondering has anyone gone through this I mean during the day I give him a sippy cup that he drinks water and juice and only water and juice but when it com...


2 Month Old Won't Take Bottle

K.K. asks from Boston

My two month old daughter won't take the bottle. We have been trying for a couple of weeks now, and have tried several different nipples/bottles (playtex drop ins, s...


Pregnant with Twins and Have a 19 Month Old.

T.B. asks from Tampa

Hi everyone, my husband and i just found out that we are pregnant with twins and we also have a 19 month old daughter. I am looking for some advice about strollers,...