Toddler: Peg Perego

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Please Tell Me Why You Love Your Stroller/travel System!

R.G. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms--my sister is newly preggers and I am helping her w/ her registry. I love my Graco, but I can only give her my thoughts and let her make her own decision. S...


Universal Stroller Frames, Are They Easy to Use, Worth It?

S.D. asks from Cleveland

Hi! I have a wonderful hand-me-down Peg Perego carseat/carrier for my baby girl. Since it was a hand me down, it is not a travel system, like I had with my first so...


Double Stroller Advice

P.A. asks from Dallas

I have a 20 month old son and am expecting my second child on Monday. I have the Peg Perego carseat and am having trouble finding a double stroller to accommodate th...


Advice on Double Jogging/ All Terrain Stroller- Want a Swivel and Lock Wheel

C.E. asks from Atlanta

Hello. I have been researching this. Right now, I use our Peg Perego Aria Double for everything- walks, mall,etc... It is great and light. I want a jogging/all terrai...


Double Stoller Dilemma - Tandem or Side by Side?

M.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies. I am looking for a double stroller that would accomodate a 2 year old and a new born baby. We have a Chicco Infant Car Seat. Do you suggest tandem or s...


New Mom Needs Help Picking Stroller

J.L. asks from Los Angeles

I am seeking a little advice from moms to help pick a stroller. I have an issue with one of my hands/arm. I have lots of pain and reduced strength. I am looking for a...


Carseats & Strollers

R.K. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms! I am 22 weeks pregnant with #2 (my1st daughter just turned 6) and am thinking of either a Britax or Peg Perego infant seat. Which do you like/don't like an...


Which High Chair?

L.S. asks from Chicago

Hi moms! I am in the market for my baby's first high chair and I am having the hardest time making a decision for some reason. At first we were going to just get a ...


Need Advice: Is a Double Stroller a Must for a 23 Month and a Newborn?

E.Z. asks from Chicago

We have started to do some research and shopping for a double stroller, and was wondering if we really need one. My son is 20 months now and our second is due in Apr...


Finding the Right Double Stroller to Accomodate a Toddler and Infant

S.C. asks from Boca Raton

Hi Ladies! I am due to give birth to our second son within the next 2 weeks and our first son will be 2 on Oct. 19th. I have been researching double strollers for MON...