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Diarrhea in 6 Month Old

M.P. asks from Albuquerque

My concern is that my 6 month old has had diarrhea since Thursday. At first it was just watery and now it has turned green and mucusy. She had her shots on Friday and...


My Five Month Old Has Food Allergies to My Breastmilk! What Do I Eat?

A.D. asks from Salt Lake City

I noticed something not right at about four weeks of nursing my little guy...Non stop screaming, spitting up, rashes, gas, etc. I have another son with food allergie...


Six Month Old in 1St Percentile

N.M. asks from Bakersfield

I have a six month old baby and she is barely in the 1st percentile on the growth chart. She has barely cleared 12 pounds and it has just been an uphill battle with ...


Need Advice on 10 Month Old Odd Behavior in the Last 24 Hours

M.G. asks from Houston

We have an odd situation happening with our 10 month old. On Monday - the doctor said she had an ear infection, and started her on Omnicef. Yesterday, between wake ...


5 Month Old Still Spitting up Frequently...

E.Y. asks from Columbia

My 5 month old son, Jaxon, spits up constantly! We're not talking the average spit up. It's projectile happening multiple times during feedings and in-between feedi...


Help with 4 Month Old Feeding Issues

L.B. asks from Kansas City

Hey mamas! I need some major help here. I have a four month old baby that, not be mean, has been a MAJOR challenge since she was born. I have a 2 year old also so ...


2 Month Old Not Gaining Weight

B.K. asks from Washington DC

I have 4 kids. My oldest 3 did very well. Now I have a newborn. He is 2 months. At birth he was 8 lbs 11 oz. We left the hospital & he was 8 lbs 8 oz. Well I took him...


9 Month Old with Some Digestive and Sleep Issues...

S.D. asks from Los Angeles

I had an appt. yesterday with a GI(totally recomend her...Robin Robinson at Childrens hospital in orange) turns out they said hes not lactose she put him on regular f...


6 Month Old Sleep Problems

S.H. asks from Dallas

Hey everyone. I have an almost 6 month old who seems to be having troubles sleeping. He has always been a great sleeper...he slept through the night at 8 weeks old....


5 Month Old with Sever Congestion

C.P. asks from Austin

I am hoping someone out there can offer some advice... my 5 month old has had severe congestion for at least 2 months - lately it seems to be worse in the morning, th...