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Good Presents for 2 Year Old

S.C. asks from Los Angeles

What did your 2 year old love? Or not love? I am trying to find good presents for my almost 2 year old for Christmas AND Birthday! I learned last year that some prese...


Christmas Gift Ideas for My 18 Month Old Twins

M.V. asks from Chicago

Any suggestions on what to get my 18 mos. old boy/girl twins for christmas?


Toy Recommendations for 1-Year Old

T.R. asks from Denver

My daughter is turning 1 in a few weeks and am wondering what the latest and greatest toys are for 1-2 year olds. Was thinking of a play kitchen so if anyone has one...


Christmas Present Ideas for 18 Month Old Girl?

A.D. asks from Victoria

My daughter is 18 months old and i'm not sure yet what "SANTA" will be getting her for christmas! do any of you have any ideas? =/


Appropriate Toys for 14 Month Old Girl

M.D. asks from Detroit

Hi moms! My daughter is almost 14 months old and I think she's bored when she's at home. At daycare, she's got lots of other kids to play with and of course my husban...


Anyone Know Where to Find a Great Lock and Key Toy for 18 Month to 2 Year Old?

K.M. asks from Redding

My toddler girl loves using keys and trying to open locks. We have a Chicco shape sorter with shaped keys, but they are really hard to use--much harder than a "real"...


Good Gifts for a 2 Year Old?

K.B. asks from Los Angeles

My "honorary nephew" is turning 2 soon and I'm looking for a good gift to get him for his birthday. He lives out-of-state, so the gift needs to be of a practical siz...


Toys for 1-Year-old

B.R. asks from Albany

I am looking for suggestions for toys for a 1-year-old boy. My husband and I have recently realized that most of the toys he has now are too young for him and so he ...


Gift Ideas for 18 Month Old

J.B. asks from Denver

Hi Everyone: I'm looking for ideas for Christmas gifts for my 18 month old. He likes climbing on anything, so I was thinking about a little structure of sorts...any...


What to Expect at a 2 Year Old's Bday Party

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

Long story short, I was raised as a hermit and now suffer from social anxiety. My 19 month old got his first bday party invitation from a kid in his daycare and I wa...