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Wanted: Finger Food Suggestions for 7 Month Old

K.H. asks from Detroit

I haven't really given my 7 month old many finger foods yet. He's gummed some banana & a pancake one day, but that's about it. What are some good, wholesome, non-pr...


Clothes That Fit for 2 Year Old

N.J. asks from Dayton

I have an almost two year old and I am having a hard time finding bottoms ( pants, skirts, etc) that fit. She is very skinny and tall. All the 24 month and 2T sizes a...


Daughter Won't Eat Breakfast Before School

A.A. asks from Lansing

Hello Ladies, The school year is beginning and I know that it benefits a child when they eat breakfast before going to school. My seven year old daughter is not a b...


When to Give Toddler a Blanket

S.F. asks from Dayton

With the weather turning cooler I'm afraid my twin toddlers will be cold when they are in bed, particularly their feet since their pjs don't have feet and they won't ...


Suggestions for Birthday Party

Y.C. asks from Indianapolis

Hello: My oldest son is turning 3 and we're making him a birthday party but since I'm new in the area I don;t know anyone or anyplace that makes good cakes. I wou...


Dye Free Foods and How to Find Them

N.O. asks from Detroit

I am cutting out dye out of my childs diet. Especially red 40. I know the health food store has plenty of stuff can I can choose, but I was wondering if any of you ...


What Kind of Cow Milk Do You Feed Your Tots?

T.S. asks from Champaign

Moms, I wonder what kind of cow milk you feed your kids? I heard HOrizon has a bad reputation. So, I switched to Organic Valley. I also find a local milk brand at nat...


Store Brand Diapers

B.W. asks from Grand Rapids

I have tried Meijer's Whisper soft diapers size 5, I didn't like them...The tabs pulled off, and the stuffing kept coming out the top. Has anyone tried any other stor...


Where Can I Buy Rice Milk for My 1 Year Old Daughter?

M.S. asks from Chicago

Hi Mommas! My 14 month old DD seems to not tolerate cow's milk well. She gets terrible rashes on her bottom as well as runny stools. Our pediatrician suggested giving...


2 Year Old Is Taking off Diaper and Pajamas for Attention?

E.W. asks from Milwaukee

Hello fellow moms, My DD has started to take off her pajamas and diaper after laying her down at night in order to get us back into her bedroom for more hugs. I a...