Toddler: Little Tikes

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Coast to Coast Plane Trip with a 2 Year Old! AAAAAGH!!!!

J.L. asks from Sacramento

I'm so excited, we are attending my Grandma's 100th Birthday back east next month. This will also double as a family reunion of sorts, so I'm extra excited for my fam...


Need Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Boy & Girl

D.B. asks from Los Angeles

My friend's twins turn 1 this month and she is having a huge party! I like to get each one of them a toy in the $40-$50 range. Any suggestions for a one year old Boy ...



D.C. asks from Chicago

What's the best wagon out there? I want one that will seat two kids, has storage and cup holders, and possibly a trailer. Any recommendations? I've looked online and ...


Toy Ideas for 1 Year Old Who Doesn't like "Toys"

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

My little guy turns 1 in a couple of weeks and I'm racking my brain on what to get him. Thanks to his older brother, we have a house full of toys, but what my little ...



A. asks from Phoenix

First of all, I would like ot thank everyone that responded to my last request about getting a play kitchen for my son. I have convienced my husband that it would be...


Christmas Presents for a 1-Year-old

S.R. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, Our little girl just turned 1-year-old and we know this Christmas is going to be fun! Even though last year was technically her first Christmas, she was...


Birthday Gift for 1 Year Old Boy

J.R. asks from Dallas

My friends son is turning a year and I need to get his present today but have no idea what to get him, any ideas?


What Do You Get a 1 Year Old for There Birthday?

C.M. asks from Kansas City

My daughter is about to be one. I really don't know what to get her for her birthday. My husband wants to get her some type of bike but I told him is isn't quit old e...


Activities and Things Your 15 Month Old Loves to Do

K.P. asks from Seattle

My son and I need more variety with activities. He is very active, always running around and moving, and has been walking since 8 months old, and can climb on anythin...


Outdoor Water Play Table

L.M. asks from Dallas

I am looking to buy an outdoor water play table for our 4 year old. I fell in love with the Little Tikes Pirate Ship that you fill with water, but everyone seems to b...