Toddler: Little Tikes

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New Toy for My 12 Month

H.S. asks from Colorado Springs

I am looking for a toy to replace my daughter's exersaucer. I would like something she can pull up on and stand and play with. I have looked at the Leap Frog Learn a...


Activities for a 15 Month Old

N.K. asks from Detroit

I am wondering how little is too little to sign your child up for any recreational activity. For, any sports, ice skating etc? I'm a first time mom...


Bored at Home with a 14 Month Old

M.C. asks from La Crosse

Hi, moms! I'm a SAHM with a 14 month old son. My husband and I share 1 car. He works a lot, so he normally has the car. His shifts are either beginning or ending ...


Which One Would You Choose?

K.H. asks from Phoenix

My little guy is going to be about 6 months old at Christmas and I want to get him one big thing from Santa. So far, I like the Little Tikes Activity Center and the ...


Need Ideas for a 1 Year Old Birthday Gift.

D.S. asks from Chicago

I am going to a 1 year old Birthday party and need some ideas for a great gift in the $25-$30 range.


Help! How Do I Get My 20 Month Old Son to Go to Sleep Earlier.

M.B. asks from Phoenix

Hello to all you Mom's out there. I have an incredibly active 20 month old boy who get's even more hyper and active in the evening. I am looking for parents of chil...


Outting Ideas for a 14 Month Old

S.A. asks from Dallas

Hi all. I'm just wanted to get some ideas for weekend outings for my 14 month old daughter and I. We try to do something every weekend indoors or outdoors. I would li...


Toy Suggestions for a 13 Month Old for This Christmas

J.S. asks from Philadelphia

Hi My daughter is 13 months and will be 15 months by Christmas time. I am looking for toy suggestions to put on her list. I want to have toys that will help her lear...


1 Year Old Birthday Gift

C.G. asks from Portland

I'm looking for the very best 1 year old birthday present for our grandson. We know that he will get all kinds of toys/clothes etc. but wondering if anyone has a "mu...


Good Christmas Gift Ideas for a 15 Month Old Girl

J.R. asks from Providence

I already got a couple responses to this question, (thank you to those who have already responded, I love your ideas) but I figured I might get more responses if I a...