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Double Jogging Stroller

L.F. asks from Denver

We are expecting our third this fall, and need a double stroller for our toddler and the baby!! We are wanting a double jogging stroller, love the Bobs but the hub...


Best Travel System?

A.U. asks from Detroit

I am expecting my 3rd baby girl in October and am in search of a new travel system. I used the same one for my 6 yr old and 19 month old, but the car seat is now exp...


Double Jogging Stroller

K.B. asks from Chicago

Hi I have been researching double jogging strollers and I have no idea which one to purchase. I like the baby trend double w/swivel wheel and aslo the Dreamer Design...


Wanted - Baby Running Stroller

J.A. asks from Great Falls

My sister is having a baby in a couple months and my family would like to go in together and get her a running stroller. Any suggestions on the best one to get?


Double Stroller Reviews

E.M. asks from Detroit

Ladies, I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and have a 2.5 yr old. I am looking into a double stroller and would like to hear what ones you recommend and why. Thanks!


Recommendations on a Jogger

S.K. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, I run about 3 times per week about 3 miles a time and am looking for a good middle-priced jogger that will fit my needs. My son is 6 months old so comfort for...


Double Stroller Suggestions

C.B. asks from Los Angeles

I have a very active 23 month old son and a 10 week old baby girl and would like to buy a double stroller. Does anyone have any recommendations other than the Bob whi...



J.K. asks from Phoenix

Has anyone used a double stroller that they would recommend?


Seeking Honest Advice on Jogging Strollers

T.M. asks from Jackson

I have been looking for a jogging stroller for some time now. I for sure want a swivel front wheel with locking ability. The highest I would spend would be $200 but...


Best Jogging Stroller

J.F. asks from Milwaukee

I am looking for your opinions on jogging strollers. I am hoping to find one that is great for jogging as well as general everyday use. Ideally I would like to have o...