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Baby Slings

K.S. asks from Orlando

I have an infant and an 18 month old. I'm looking for a sling that I might be able to breastfeed in as well as carry my infant around while on the go with my son. I...


Baby Slings and Wraps

M.G. asks from Chicago

My daughter is almost 3 months old and I would like a sling or wrap to carry her. I have just started looking and there so many types and brands. What do you recommend?


Baby Carrier Recommendations

S.F. asks from Utica

I just asked a question about helpful hints for when baby number 2 arrives and someone that responded kindly mentioned a baby sling to help out. I think this is an a...


Infant Sling

V.B. asks from Phoenix

What is your favorite type of baby sling? I'm not really looking for a front pack (baby bjorn style) more like the slings that cradle the baby. I don't really want ...


Help My Child Will Not Sleep When I Put Him Down!

D.S. asks from Phoenix

Today my two week old son would not sleep unless he was being held. I think his longest nap was 30 minutes. He has no fever, I am really not sure what to do. Usually ...


Smaller Crib Recommendations and Slings

J. asks from Chicago

Hello! I am expecting baby #2 and live in a small house. Both my older daughter and the newborn will be roommates after the baby is originally with me in my room fo...



E.F. asks from Los Angeles

I was wondering if anyone has any advice on a great sling. I purchased the peanut shell and tried to use it right after my daughter was born. It looks so comfortabl...


Cuddly Wraps

A.S. asks from Springfield

These look pretty neat.. are they any good?? I never used a sling or wrap of any kind with first son, but I think it would be nice to have with having to chase my 2...


Double Shopping Cart Cover??

D.M. asks from Seattle

As my lil guy keeps getting bigger, it gets a little more challenging shopping at Costco. When my daughter was his age I had one of those shopping cart covers and lo...


What Item Would Work to Hold Newborn onto My Body Comfortably?

K.D. asks from New York

My one month old baby wants to be held constantly. I have the time and don't mind doing it, only problem is my carpel tunnel in BOTH hands is wicked bad. She prefer...