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5 Month Old in Swadddle

J.M. asks from Boston

My (just turned) 5 month old sleeps well in her swaddle with one feed per night about 3 am, but the last 3 nights she has been heard making noise from trying to bust ...


What to Sleep a 6 Month Old In?

J.S. asks from Detroit

Ok ladies, here it is the first nice weather of the season and I am at a loss. My first son was born in November 08’ (election day to boot!). It took us a bit to ...


20 Month Old Can't Sleep When He's Cold

M.M. asks from Williamsport

My son is 20 months old and has been a fairly good sleeper. Obviously teeth caused a rift in the sleeping schedule, but otherwise he goes to bed around 7-7:30 and wak...


13 Month Old Getting Leg Stuck in Crib Rails

K.D. asks from Fort Collins

I am wondering if at this age I am still supposed to have a crib bumper in the crib. My daughter's legs have recently been getting stuck and it causes her to wake an...


How Can I Get My 7-Month-old Daughter to Sleep for at Least Six Hours at Night?

K.B. asks from Minneapolis

My almost 7-month-old daughter doesn't sleep for more than a four-and-a-half hour stretch at night at first, and then wakes up about every two hours or so after that....


Keeping a 1 Year Old Warm This Winter

R.D. asks from Austin

Hello Ladies, I was wondering what you all do/have done to keep young ones warm when they are sleeping if they are too young to know about keeping covered with a bla...


What to Dress a 13 Month Old at Night

S.R. asks from San Francisco

Hi, we live in northern california where, of late, our house gets down to 60 degrees or so at night. My little one wakes up in the morning with cold feet (we put sock...


7 Month Old Not Sleeping Well

J.Z. asks from Chicago

My son just turned 7 months this week and I am still having to get up repeatedly almost every night. I cannot figure out what works and what doesn't when it comes to...


Sleep Sack Too Short for 7 Month Old

S.H. asks from Green Bay

My son is 7 months and is already too long for the sleep sacks. We live in Wisconsin, and our nights can get very cold. At the same time, keeping the heat turned up ...


What Should a 9 Month Old Wear to Bed When It Is Cold??

E.G. asks from Dallas

Hello moms. With the new shot of cold coming in this week my 9 month old daughter has woken up with cold hands and feet. We have been putting her to bed in a footed...