Toddler: Enfamil

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Enfamil Vs. Similac with Early Shield

M.M. asks from Chicago

Hello, I am formula feeding only, in moms opinion , which is best. I am using similac with early shiedl but thinking to switch to enfamil.


Target Generic Form of Enfamil Formula

J.R. asks from Dallas

Hi, I noticed Target has a generic form of Enfamil formula- "Target Brand" and has a chart on the back with all of the same ingredients as Enfamil. Is it really the...


Enfamil Gentlease/constipation & Generic Formula Brands

M.H. asks from Austin

My son is one month old and currently on Enfamil gentlease. He is very constipated and never full, seems to be hungry all the time and with both of those comes very r...


Target Brand Formula Vs. Enfamil Gentease

S.P. asks from San Diego

I have switched my daughter to the Target version of Enfamil based on some suggestions to try the Gentlease. I am wondering if the Target brand is the exact same as ...


Has Anyone Used Enfamil A.R. Lipil?

A.B. asks from Dallas

My 3 month old is entirely bottle fed. We are using Enfamil Lipil (as we did with our first child) and are happy to be able to buy it at Costco. However, this child...


Would It Be Ok to Start My Baby on Enfamil Gentlease/Prosobee from the Start?

G.M. asks from Phoenix

With my first son, we gave him Enfamil Formula. After a couple of months, he got real colicky and we ended up having to change the formula to the Enfamil Prosobee for...


Enfamil Gentlease vs Good Start

S.F. asks from Dallas

Has anyone had issues with Gentlease? My daughter is 6 weeks old and we switched her to it because the Enfamil lipil kept making her constipated. Now her stools are r...


Seeking Information on Enfamil Gentlease Formula

K.A. asks from Dallas

has anyone tried the Enfamil Gentlease formual? I have a gassy baby, and my pediatrican suggested the gentlease. My friends pediatrician said it might just be marketi...


Goodstart Soy plus vs Enfamil Gentlease

J.W. asks from New York

my baby is currently on goodstart soy plus but she strains to move her bowels and spits up after feeding the WIC offered enfamil gentlease how good is it? I also hea...


Enfamil Lipil w/Iron vs Enfamil Lipil w/Iron Next Step

J.B. asks from Amarillo

Ok, here's the situation that I'm in. My son just turned 10 months old and he's been on the Enfamil Lipil w/Iron since the day we brought him home from the hospital....