Toddler: Enfamil

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Enfamil Next Step Formula?

V.C. asks from Tampa

My son's pediatrician said it was ok to start giving my son the Enfamil Next Step at 9 months like it says on the packaging but she didn't seem to be real sure about ...


Baby Struggling on Enfamil

M.K. asks from San Francisco

I'm curious what you would advise on this. My baby girl will be 7 months old this weekend. Since we are having a difficult time financially, we got WIC help. They g...


Confused About Melamine in Enfamil Formula and What I Should Do!

J.F. asks from Denver

I am sure you have all heard lately that trace amounts of Melamine has been found in Enfamil (with Iron) formula. I have tried to go online and see what is being sa...


Switching from Similac to Enfamil (Add On)

J.S. asks from Jacksonville

My daughter has been supplementing with Similac Advanced but was given a container of Enfimil at the hospital. They are the same as far as ingrediants and the DHA an...


What Is the Differnce in Enfamil Lipil and Next Step?

G.S. asks from Chicago

any one know? if theres a difference in enfamil and enfamil next step, whats the purpose of switching formulas for just the last 3 months???


Enfamil AR Lipil *******HELP!!!!!

M.C. asks from Huntington

Does anyone use this formula???? Does anyone have trouble with it??? It is the only thing my son can take.....he has been on it since he was 2 months old....but the...


One Month Old Baby Keeps Throwing up (On Enfamil)

T.A. asks from Denver

My one month old son keeps throwing up (or spitting up) it looks like a water fall coming out of his mouth. He is on enfamil premium. Could he be allergic to it or c...


Trade Enfamil Coupons for Similac Coupons

L.S. asks from Dallas

My daughter is on Similac Alimentum for protein sensitivity. Unfortunately, the only coupons that keep coming are for Enfamil! If anyone has Similac coupons they ar...


ENFAMIL Formula Versues SMILIAC Formula

J.G. asks from Washington DC

Is there any difference between ENFAMIL and SMILIAC formulas? What do other people use and why? I'm trying to find the right forumla for my daughter(2 month old) sin...


Target Brand Formula Vs. Enfamil Formula

K.G. asks from Chicago

Does anyone out there know if there is a difference between the target brand and enfamil formulas?? There is quite the price difference? Thanks!!