Toddler: Elmo

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Issues with 21 Month Old Son

A.P. asks from New York

I'm hoping someone can give me suggestions. I'm pregnant with #2, and very hormonal and tired. This is a volatile mix with my 21-month old son, who has suddenly chang...


21 Month Old Son Still Doesn't Speak

M.M. asks from Providence

I have a 21 month old son and a 5 yr old daughter. I've been told that because my daughter is older that my son won't speak for a while because "sister talks for him...


Should I Push for My Son to Move to the 15 Month Room?

M.J. asks from Chicago

My son who is 12 1/2 months old just started a new daycare a few weeks ago. The problem is he is in the infant room. He has been walking since he was 9 1/2 months old...


Sesame Street Live: Elmo Grows up - Any One Attended? Experience?

L.L. asks from Boston

This show is coming to BU's arena in late April and wanted to get feedback on what the show is like. How old were the children who attended? Is it a long period of ...


My 14 Month Old Isn't Talking....

J.J. asks from Dallas

My 14 month old boy is developing well in every other aspect, but he doesn't really say any words yet. He is walking and figures out toys and other things easily. He...


Good Dvds for 19 Month Old Toddler

B.E. asks from Washington DC

My toddler has been watching limited television for about three months. All we own is "The Laurie Berkner Band" DVD, which she loves but is starting to grow old. I ...


23 Month Old Jumping from Crib

B.S. asks from St. Louis

I was wondering if anyone has some advice about what to do with my son. He will not stay in his crib and is not ready for a toddler bed. (in my opinion) I can't let...


Help with Potty Training My 20 Month Old - M. A.

M.A. asks from Las Vegas

First of all, i want to know, do some of you moms think it is too early to potty train my son who is 20 months old? My 20 month dear son says peepee but when i take h...


Flying with a 19 Month Old Toddler

K.R. asks from Chicago

I will be flying with my 19 month old son this weekend. He is an "easy" baby / toddler, but very active. This will be the first time we've flown since he was an inf...


22 Month Old Boy Doesn't Talk Much ...

A.T. asks from Des Moines

My son is 22 months old, and says maybe 10 words. He's picked up a couple of new words here in the last month or so, so I'm getting less worried about his developmen...