Toddler: Boudreaux's Butt Paste

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Painful Diaper Rash

J.R. asks from Seattle

My 1.5 year old has had diarrhea for 4-days and has developed a very painful diaper rash. She slept next to me last night without a diaper (yep!! Got up to clean the ...


Problem W/9 Month Old Daughter's Diaper Rash

M.M. asks from Norfolk

My baby girl has a diaper rash that appears in red blister looking lesions and has been like this for about a week. I have tried regular diaper rash cream (several d...


Lactose Intolerance

L.L. asks from Rochester

Some of you may have followed several of my posts about my youngest child, who has been struggling back and forth with constipation, CONSTANT small bowel movements, a...


Diaper Rash

R.P. asks from Chicago

Hello All~ Funny, I just posted a response to another mom about using Boudreaux's Butt Paste for diaper rash and now it's not working for us. Our 7 wk old has diap...


3 Month Old with Dry Irritated Scalp

K.W. asks from Asheville

My son is 3 months old and suffers from dairy and nut allergies through my breastmilk. I have cut out all dairy and nuts which has stopped the acid reflux he was suf...


Breastfed 6 Month Old with Diaper Rash

L.P. asks from Washington DC

The rash started a week and a half ago. At first it was small, but grew over a few days. Her bottom is chapped and peeling. We let her go without diapers over the ...


Diper Rash in 10 Month Old

A.P. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 10 months today and has a horrable diper rash for about 1.5 weeks now, I have used neosporian, aveno diper rash crean, vasoline, and bathed her in baki...


Rash on 6 Month Old's Bottom

J.R. asks from Minneapolis

Our six month old has a rash on her bottom. We noticed a small couple of spots so started putting on A&D Ointment and change her every couple hours, whether really w...


Seeking Advice for 2 1/2 Month Old Who Has a Heat Rash

N.M. asks from Jackson

My 2 1/2 month old daughter suffers from heat rashes. I keep her inside in an air conditioned apartment and this is the second time she has had a heat rash. It's in a...


11 Month Old Has Had Diarrhea for Almost a Week. HELP!

K.A. asks from Enid

I have a beautiful 11 month old boy who "caught a bug" last week and quickly recovered. However, the diarrhea has remained and his poor little bottom is so raw! The...