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3-Month-old with Eczema

L.W. asks from San Diego

Does anyone have any advice on dealing with eczema. My 3-month-old baby boy got eczema on his cheeks over the weekend. Since it wasn't a horrible case, my pediatric...


My 16 Month Old Is Afraid to Poop!

K.G. asks from Dallas

Hello Mamas! Has anyone ever had a situation where their child was afraid to poop? I started my child on vitamin D milk when she was 12 months old. It made her severe...


Very Dry Skin on Our 4-Month-old Daughter's Face

L.M. asks from South Bend

Our poor baby! She's been having ongoing trouble with skin on her forehead, cheeks, and chin that's so dry that it flakes off and/or gets yellow and crusty. We've bee...


13 Month Old with Rash on Leg??

B.L. asks from Seattle

Hi mamas, my son is 13 months old and I noticed yesterday he has a rash on the outside of his left leg. It looked like dry skin so I put his lotion on him (California...


19 Month Old with Food & Environmenal Allergies- Help!

H.G. asks from Boise

I finally had my daughter allergy tested and found out she is allergic to milk, eggs, nuts, dogs, and cats. Just to name a few. She even had a reaction to saline. Out...


Seeking Advice on Dry Scalp Issue for an 18 Month Old

C. asks from Cleveland

Hi everyone, My 18 month old has developed an extremely dry scalp. He did have cradle cap as a newborn but that cleared up a long time ago. I thought maybe we we...


1 Year Old with Eczema and a Peanut Allergy

H.P. asks from Chicago

I have a 1 year old son who has had severe eczema since birth. 3 months ago he had a severe allergic reaction to what we believe to have been a peanut. I took him t...


8 Month Old Sleeping and Eating Habits

H.W. asks from Des Moines

I have an 8 1/2 month old little boy.....over the past few weeks he has been more difficult when eating; he throws his hands around and, often, whacks the spoon with ...


8 Month Old with Diarrhea

P.M. asks from Portland

My son has had diarrhea for over 24 hours and, while I am not concerned about his hydration or anything like that, his bottom has a horrible rash. His scrotum is even...


Ecezma Sixteen Month Old

L.L. asks from Fort Myers

ANYONE out there know of a good remedy or (management regime for ecezma). So far , this is the list of what I've done and am doing. Nothing has helped him really. 1....