Toddler: Arms Reach

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My 9 1/2 Month Still Will Not Sleep Through the Night

M.L. asks from Charleston

My daughter wakes up every night 1-2 times wanting to nurse. When she wakes up i try patting her tummy or back or even rocking her and she will not settle down until...


Tips on Encouraging 8-Month Old to Crawl

L.M. asks from Salt Lake City

My 8 mo. has not shown much progression in the crawling department. When he is on his tummy he only lasts a few minutes then he either fusses and gets upset until we...


3 Month Old Waking Every 2 Hours Screaming

S.P. asks from Los Angeles

Hi. My son is 3 months Old and is exclusively breast fed. He was doing well, sleeping from about 11 to 2 and then 2 to 6 each night. Two weeks ago we went through his...


My Almost 5 Month Old Still Not Sleeing Thru the Night!!

N.J. asks from Chicago

My baby boy will be 5 months old on June 2nd. He still has yet to sleep thru the night! I am exhausted and a littel discouraged. For the most part, he wakes up abo...


Swimmies/Floaty For 2 Year Old

S.L. asks from Philadelphia

My son turned 2 about a month ago and he loves the water. We are going to a pool party next weekend and my in-laws have a place at the beach, so we'll be spending a l...


6 Month Old Waking EARLY Just for Paci... Need Advice!

S.E. asks from Dallas

I have a wonderful almost 6 month old daughter. She slept through the night very early on and we counted ourselves very lucky! We are still using the miracle blanket ...


My Son Is Biting

J.Z. asks from Columbus

My 22 month old son started biting a few months ago when he transitioned from the infant 2 room to the toddler 1 room at daycare. The biggest difference in the room ...


Random, Weird, Bathroom Related Question...

R.D. asks from Richmond

When you're on your period, where do you keep your pads/tampons? We only have 1 bathroom, and usually I just store my stuff in a small tampon box next to the toile...


Need Help with Playards...

T.F. asks from New York

My first question is: does anyone know up to what age before an infant/baby can start sleeping in a bed and you can use a playard for them to sleep in up until then? ...


I Have a Gross 2 Year Old -HELP!!!!

J.J. asks from Chicago

My just two year old has started pulling his diaper off during his naps, bedtime and sometimes during the day. Yesterday he put his hand in his diaper(while it was on...