Toddler: Arms Reach

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How to Teach an 8 Month Old "Gentle Hands"???

J.P. asks from Phoenix 8 month old daughter has discovered that it's delightful fun (for her) to rake her nails across our faces and laugh when we're up close and ouch does it ...


8-Month-old Breastfeeding at Night

M.E. asks from Philadelphia

My son is 8 1/2 months old and a big boy. At 6 months (last weight check), he was over 20 pounds. He is breastfed and on solid food. He has never been a very good sle...


6 Month Old Wakes up 2Xs/night to Eat

S.S. asks from Philadelphia

My 6.5 month old daughter still wakes up about 2x's/night to eat. The pediatrician said that if I can take it, I should continue to get up to feed her. I am a full ...


10 Month Old in Carseat for 5 Hours

N.W. asks from San Diego

I am getting ready to take a little get away trip this weekend. After mapquesting it we realized that this is going to be a five hour drive and that causes a little ...


Why Is My 4 Month Old No Longer Sleeping Through the Night?

R.R. asks from Los Angeles

My son has been a good sleeper since we brought him home from the hospital. He was going to sleep at 8-8:30 and then waking up to eat at 10:30 or 11 p.m. and being a...


9 Month Old Fussiness Out of Control

I.A. asks from Columbus

Hi everyone - my daughter is 9 months now and was diagnosed with acid reflux at 4 months. We went thro several formulas (Parents Choice Soy was the answer) and is sti...


4 Month Old Still Sleeping with Me

S.M. asks from Seattle

My 4 month old is still sleeping with me and I seem to get such a mixed reaction from people when they find out. I am a working mother and my husband has cut back on ...


Bathtime for 7 Month Old Boy

L.O. asks from Detroit

My son is very active He learned to pull himself up to stand last week. Giving him a bath is difficult becuase he is constantly moving around and flailing and trying ...


How Do I Get a One Month Old to Sleep in His Own Bed?

A.C. asks from Columbus

My son will be one month old, next week, and we're already having issues with him wanting to sleep in bed with my husband and I (literally on our chests). Because he...


5 Month Old Not Sleeping Through the Night

A.J. asks from Dallas

My little girl will only sleep through the night once every blue moon. I get up to breastfeed her usually when she starts crying between 1-5am. I feed her quite a b...