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Very Dry Skin on Our 4-Month-old Daughter's Face

L.M. asks from South Bend

Our poor baby! She's been having ongoing trouble with skin on her forehead, cheeks, and chin that's so dry that it flakes off and/or gets yellow and crusty. We've bee...


19 Month Old & Dry Skin

V.M. asks from Norfolk

My 19 month old was born with sensitive skin and tends to have a little excema (not sure of spelling), when I took him to his recent dr appointment I asked about the ...


21 Month Old with Ezcema?

N.M. asks from Dallas

Here's the situation my son has broken out with these tiny little bumps(no blisters or pus or anything just tine dry bumps) all over his belly and on the side of his ...


Severe Diaper Rash - 18 Month Old Boy

C.J. asks from Detroit

My son has a severe diaper rash. He is 18 months old. It seems to get worse every day for over a week now. His skin is bleeding in several places. I have put diap...


18 Month Old Tantrums

C.A. asks from Tampa

My daughter gets so upset at times and screams so hard she can hardly breath and throws her self around. I just walk away and let her have her tantrum. At times thoug...


19 Month Old Girl with Rash

K.K. asks from Denver

Hi everyone, I got up early and tried to back track through some old postings but did not find anything. My grand daughter has had a very red and bumpy rash. I cal...


Exzema/dry Skin on My 22 Month Old

L.S. asks from Seattle

my daughter has dry skin all over. Drier patches on her elbows and the back of her arms, her thighs and calves. She scratches her tummy and her upper and lower back...


20 Month Old with Eczema

S.B. asks from Denver

Does any one have any holistic advise for a baby with eczema? I would prefer to stay away from the topical steriods but it is getting to the point where the oatmeal b...


13 Month Old Son Has BAD Diaper Rash - Please Help!

T.C. asks from Dallas

My 13 month old son has just developed a bad diaper rash. The skin in his diaper area is red and looks swollen even his genitals. He seems to be in A Lot of pain, h...


Advice on How to Find the Source of Excema in 16 Month Old

J.G. asks from San Francisco

My daughter started out with a rash that looked just like poison oak on her left knee. When it didn't go away I saw our pediatrician who then referred me to a dermat...