Toddler & Twin Beds

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Getting 3 Year Old to Sleep in Big Girl Bed

L.A. asks from Minneapolis

In December, we painted and decorated a new room--complete with a toddler bed--for my 3 year old daughter, so she'd move out of the nursery and make room for baby bro...


Toddler Bed v Twin

K.B. asks from Dallas

Looking to move my 32 lb 2.5 year old from her crib to a big girl bed. Is it worth the hassle and money to buy a toddler bed prior to a full size twin, or should...


Not Sure If My 24 Month Old Is Ready for a Big Boy Bed

G.Y. asks from San Francisco

My 24 month old son just started to attempt climbing out of his crib, and was almost successful until I stopped him. Now I'm worried he will have a broken nose or som...


"Big Girl Bed" Nightmare!

B.W. asks from Baton Rouge

My daughter is 26 months old and we just switched her from her crib to a bed last Monday. We have always been able to put her in her crib and leave the room while sh...


Transitioning 2 Year Old to a "Big Girl" Bed

D.G. asks from San Diego

My daughter is 2 years and 2 months old and we are getting ready to transition her into a "big girl" bed beacuse we will need the crib for baby #2 in January. She cl...


Toddler Bed vs Twin Bed...

S.B. asks from Jacksonville

My son is turning 2 and we want him to start sleeping in a big boy bed but we can't decide if a toddler bed or a twin would be better. Any advice?


When Do I Transition My Toddler from Crib to Big Boy Bed?

J.M. asks from Phoenix

I know there is no right answer but what signs should I be looking for to know that he is ready? He is 20 months and loves his crib. Has never tried to climb out. ...


When Did You Know It Was Time for the Big Boy Bed?

B.P. asks from New York

Hi ladies, My son has always loved his crib since he was 4 months old. He is 2 years and 7 months now and rather tall. Up until 2 weeks ago he slept sooo ...


Toddler Bed or Twin?

J.S. asks from Portland

Hi, We are debating between moving our son who currently sleeps with us into a toddler bed or a twin bed. Any thoughts from you ladies? Thanks!


Is He Ready for a "Big Boy" Bed??

S. asks from St. Louis

My son is about two and a half and is still in his crib. He does just fine with it. He has only tried to climb out once - maybe twice. My mom just bought him a "cars"...