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How Do You Start a Business????

K.H. asks from Reno

Due to recent events in my family it has become oh so clear that we need an additional income asap! I am due with baby #3 in exactly 8 weeks and finding a job is imp...


How to Learn to Cook?

A.L. asks from Chicago

Let me start by saying I can cook maybe 3 things decently and that is about it. I never really learned how to cook as my mother died when I was very young, and the o...


Calm Moms, Please Help Me Out!

J.C. asks from Roanoke

Hi, Moms. I feel like my life is total chaos. 2 examples: Last night, I was cooking dinner. While I was cooking, the dog threw up so I had to stop and clean th...


Overwehlmed Full-time Working Mom

R.M. asks from San Francisco

I have a 3 yo boy and a 9-6 job. I am just soo tired and bored to death of my routine. How other mothers that work full time are handling all and also enjoy the journ...


Bridal Shower for Friend Already Has a Child and Living Together

D.M. asks from Minneapolis

I am throwing a shower for a friend who already lives with her fiance and they have a child together. Soo I don't want to throw her a shower where people bring her l...


Need Some Quick Make Ahead/freezer Meals for Activity Nights

N.S. asks from Dallas

This is the first year we have our daughter in organized evening activities. For the next 2 months it will be 2 nights a week, but then drop to 1. While I'm always a ...


My Son Wants Me 24/7

H.M. asks from Stockton

I desperately need advice! My 3 year old son constantly wants to be with me. If i leave the room for a moment he starts to scream and run after me crying to hold my h...


Know of Any Great Low Cholesterol, Low Fat Cookbooks?

L.Y. asks from Minneapolis

My dad has high cholesterol and I would like to get him a easy to read and use cookbook for him. The problem I am running into is finding cookbooks with recipes that ...


Dinner Time Stresses Me Out!!!

B.L. asks from Portland

I hate dinnertime! My mom was a total "Betty Crocker." She put 4 course meals on the table every night for our family of six, and I can barely pull it off for three. ...


Need Summer Meal Ideas

J.W. asks from Dallas

So mama's, it is HOT! I hate cooking when it is so hot. My house doesn't like to stay cool and having the oven on (or really even the stove top), just makes the hou...