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What Are Your TOP 5 Favorite Baby Products?

C.P. asks from Harrisburg

Just wondering if theres any great/helpful products out there I wasn't aware of. Mine are (in no specific order) 1-Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive These are the...


Should I Have This Baby or Not? Do I Trust How I Am Feeling Right Now?

K.F. asks from New York

I need some opinions and personal experiences!! Please, no negative judgments or “pro-lifers” w/ God comments. Background: I am 34 years old and have three kids...


Cleaning After Pooping

M.A. asks from Atlanta

Hi there, I have a nine years old boy, who has a problem of cleaning himself after pooping. I have tried time out have tried taking away his toys. But none of worke...


House Cleaning

C.H. asks from Augusta

Ok, I clean my house EVERY....EVERY day.I kee uo with mopping often,cleaning my furniture,cleaning my bed sheets and all other cleaning duties.But no matter how much ...


What to Do with My Old Baby Clothes?? Vote Now!

J.P. asks from Provo

Okay, the time has come for me to decide what to do with my old baby clothes. I have seven tubs of nice, albeit not-new, clothes. They are adorable. They hold all o...


I Want to Have Another Baby but DH Doesn’t

M.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hi mommies, I have been blessed with two beautiful boys, one is 3 ½ year old and my youngest is 8 1/2 months old. I know it sounds crazy but I so desperately want t...


House Cleaning with Kids

A.F. asks from New York

I have one child, almost five years old. Currently, I work full-time as an aide. The great thing is I do not bring any work home. Since my daughter is a very early ri...


Help!! My 3 Month Old Baby Wants to Be Held All the Time.

N.R. asks from Seattle

I have a 3 month old baby girl and literally cant put her down for a second because she starts crying. I can't get anything done with her. Any suggestions on what to ...


Cleaning and Keeping House Clean

D.M. asks from Boston

I just want to give up on my house ever being clean. I clean it and my family messes it up again. Everything is always on the floor and I am tripping over baby equipm...


Your Best Cleaning Solutions

B.M. asks from Denver

ok, as of lately i have really been struggling with keeping up with my housework. I am sure alot of you can relate. Hopefully this will be helpful to more than just...