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My Husband and I Really Want a Boy This Time.

D.R. asks from Dallas

I have always heard in the back of conversations what I belived to be old wives tales so to speek about how to predetermine the sex of your baby. My husband and I hav...



L.R. asks from Detroit

I have gone to a lot of site that help predict when you ovulate. My question is how to answer when they ask for the first day of your last period. Sometimes I start...


Pregnancy Question

A.F. asks from New York

I had sex on 9/9 and ovulated 9/14 I took a test 9/17 and it was neegative. It is now 9/21 and I have exterem heartburn (never had heartburn before and I'm 25) could ...



A.M. asks from Orlando

Alright so.... Me and my husband finally decided okay lets go with the flow and not really try to have a baby but just see what happens. So i tracked my ovulation and...


Time of Conception?

M.F. asks from Houston

This is a really weird question, but on Tuesday I found out I was pregnant. I took two home test and they both came out clearly positive. The first day of my last per...


Basal Body Temp and Cervical Fluid as Birth Control Methods Anyone?

C.C. asks from Boston

Hi I'm just wondering if anyone is using basal body temperature and cervical fluid as a birth control method? How long have you been doing this? Is it working well ...


Birth Control

J.T. asks from Memphis

Does anyone have a recommendation for a type of birth control that isn't hormone based. I've always used the pill and am looking for something that won't cause weight...


I Just Want to Tank You All

D.M. asks from Dallas

I iam new here , i got here yesterday because a driend e-mailed me a flower and i posted my experience , well i want to thank you guys for the support i have receive...


Ease of Getting Pregnant

M.Y. asks from Los Angeles

I just wanted to see if there's anyone out there who had no problem getting pregnant the first time around but had a little bit more difficulty getting pregnant the s...


Trying to Get Pregnant After Endomitriosis Surgery 8-5-2008!!!!:(

A.R. asks from Columbus

I had no trouble at all getting pregnant with my first chirld, it took 2 wks. He is now 4 years old. I have been trying to get pregnant for several years, went thru...