Time-outs & Grounding

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12 Yr. Old Daughter- Sneaks and Creates a Facebook-Twice!

S.C. asks from Jacksonville

My daughter just turned 12 few months ago. When she was 10 I allowed her to have an email account, which was going fine (I have the password and would check periodic...


Need Help with 11 Yr Old Step-son

E.G. asks from Atlanta

hi, im about at my wit's end with this one. my husband has an almost 11 yr old son from his first marriage, and he is currently driving all of his parents up a wall. ...


Did I Overreact???? Updated My What Happened =-)

M.U. asks from Sacramento

My 5 y/o son yesterday threw a tantrum like you wouldn’t believe. It was time to come inside from playing outside with his best buddy. We're neighbors. We had give...


Help My Teen Won't Do His Work

T.C. asks from Denver

I am a mother of four with my oldest just about fourteen. He is haveing a lot of trouble in school right now. He is not turning in classwork or homework. He is a very...


Teenage Drama Queen?

M.W. asks from Indianapolis

My step-daughter is 13 now and she has the biggest attitude problem I have seen in a long time. She talks down to our 7 year old daughter and her cousin who is 10 tha...


7 Yr Old Misbehaving at Daycamp

S.L. asks from Indianapolis

Hi Moms! I am having some issues suddenly with my son's behavior at day camp. A couple of weeks ago Matthew had gotten into an altercation with a boy who had tried...


How Do You Discipline a 11 Month Old?

N.G. asks from Naples

My son is almost 11 months and is starting to behave badly. In the past week his mood has gone from mommys sweet boy to a biting, pulling my hair, throwing his body b...


Am I Too Strict?

K.M. asks from Green Bay

My 16 year old daughter thinks I'm too strict. She says everyone else is allowed to do things that she can not. This weekend she told me she was invited to a block pa...


Consequenses for 12-Year Old

S.M. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 12 and for the most part a very well behaved girl. She gets good grades and has never been in trouble at school. At home, however is a totally differen...


Disciplining My 12 Yr Step Daughter

B.B. asks from Dallas

hey moms, this is for step moms who have 11yr daughters. I am a mother of a 6 yr old and 3 yr old and an almost 12 yr old step daughter who lives with her dad and I. ...