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Time Difference - China

❤.M. asks from Los Angeles

Does anyone know what the time difference is from here (USA West Coast) and China? I have tried to figure it out and I'm too tired, stressed out and lazy. Can ...


Pee Regression While Traveling?

H.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi there, So, my 2 year, 10 month old (she'll be 3 in Sept.) has had two night time accidents and two daytime accidents in the past week. She has been completely po...


Looking for Solution to Clock in Daughter's Room

C.S. asks from Redding

My daughter is an early riser. She is 6 years old and wakes before 6am every single morning (has no idea that Saturdays are for sleeping in LOL). We recently put a clo...


Sleeping Trouble with 2 1/2 Year Old

L.H. asks from Detroit

Hello mom's! I have an active 2 1/2 year old who is giving us a hard time going to bed! He is great at nap time but at bed time a tough one. He went from a crib to ...


Toddler Won't Sleep - Fighting Naps, Waking at Night, Early Morning Rising

J.L. asks from Harrisburg

My 22 month old toddler has often had intermittent napping difficulties but always reliably slept at night. But now she has been an absolute terror for the past coupl...


Asking for Mom

K.B. asks from San Diego

I've been going to the gym for three weeks now, i love it because they have babysitting available. i took my two yr old the first week and he ran to the toys not carin...


Getting 1 Year Old Back on Some Kind of Napping Schedule

D.R. asks from San Francisco

Hi, Ever since the holidays, my almost 1 year old daughter has not been napping well at all! It's starting to really get to me and I don't know how to fix it. She w...


Early Mornings!!

J.C. asks from Oklahoma City

My 15 month old wakes up at 5:30 am every morning!! We have done everything we can think of to help him sleep later, he has a dark room, a noise machine we feed him we...


HELP My 2Yr Old Daughter and Sleep

L.S. asks from New York

Hi Moms, I hope you can help or give me some suggestions. My 2 yr old daughter has always been a good sleeper. She slept through the night at 6 weeks and since...


Bedtime Routine Not Working Anymore

J.D. asks from Fort Collins

My 18 month old daughter has started rejecting her bedtime routine. She used to (1) eat dinner, (2) say nite-nite to Allie, our roommate (3) take a bath, put on jammie...